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Monday, January 31, 2011

Biotique Fresh Nourishing Conditioner

Hi everyone,

Today I’m reviewing Biotique Bio Watercress Fresh nourishing conditioner which I bought around a month ago.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Mac And MC Mehr lipstick- Review and swatches

Hi pretty ladies

So today I’m going to write a review on my second lipstick Mehr from the Mac and Mickey Contractor range.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maybelline eyeshadow duo- Swatches and Review

Good morning ladies,

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Today’s post is just a short review about one of my Maybelline duos- Grey matters

This is a duo eyeshadow containing a pair of shades along with a sponge tip applicator.

What Maybelline claims- Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow This advanced formula eye shadow glides on effortlessly with superior smoothness. Velvet-tip applicator blends without tugging or pulling. All-day crease-resistant wear. ExpertWear is a longwearing powder shadow that is crease, smudge, and streak resistant. Fade-proof color remains true throughout the wear.

Price- Rs 130

What I like about this duo-

This isa perfect duo for a light smokey eye look.

Mostly suitable for working women and teenager girls.

Very handy…can be kept anywhere.

Very decently priced.

Do not have a fall out.

The gray shade is very pretty in this duo.The gray shade is better in comparison to silver.

I love the tiny applicator.

Available in many combinations such as browns, lilacs, greens etc.

It’s not very pigmented but sufficient for a light eye makeup. The effect after applying is very pretty.

Lasting power is okay. Although i had used them without any primer and I didn’t face any problem of fading up of the shades. So if you apply them with primer, you can easily be comfortable for about 5-6 hours with them.

Here are the swatches-

In sunlight-

What I don’t like about this duo-

Both shades are not very pigmented. I have to take out the shade again and again to make them pigmented.

Pics from a look which I had done a few months back on my blog

What about Buying it again-

I already have 2-3 of these so won’t buy any more. But will surely recommend it for collage going girls and the beginners of makeup.

Rating- 3.5/5

So, what do you think about these duos of Maybelline? Please don’t compare them with any luxury brand. After all you don’t have to pay much also :-D


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mac & Mickey Contractor Gulabi lipstick- Review

This was the range of Mac which was being waited by every Indian makeup lover. Mickey contractor range is a salaam to this great makeup artist who is definitely worth of this respect.
I was waiting for this range and had told my sister 15 days ago to pickup something from this range. Saturday late afternoon I received my things- Gulabi and Mehr and now I’m writing a short review about this lovely lipstick Gulabi.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

False eyelashes by KKCenterhk.

Hello ladies,

Hope you all had a great weekend!! But now a new week's begun and everyone has to get to work once again. Isn't it?

Anyways let's continue :) So today I'm reviewing some false eyelashes which I received from KKCenterhk. They sent me two boxes of false eyelashes and an eyelash glue which I had asked them to sent.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beauty face masks for winters

Hi ladies,

It seems as though the winters are retreating from the country. Yes, many places are experiencing a rather cool climate and not a cold one although not my city. It’s still the same as it was a month back…shivering winters!

So how is the weather at your places?

Today I wanted to talk about some skin treatments. What do you do with you skin in winter? I know that it’s very difficult to take care of your skin in this chilled weather but to save your skin from this brute season, you should be more careful guys.

One of the oldest forms of beauty treatments is the application of masks for face or body. History is full of instances of woman making use of various natural and organic substances to preserve the youth and beauty of their skin and hair.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Maybelline Dream Mousse Bronzer- Review & Swatches

I have always adored Maybelline products. Their products do not only have a good quality but also in the limit of a common woman because all products have a reasonable price. I have a lot of Maybelline products and most of them are nice in quality. I particularly love their dream mousse products such as the blushes and now add this Dream Mousse Bronzer to the growing list of my maybelline favorites.

Read this post on

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pond's Daily Face wash- Review

Hi ladies,
Hope everyone is having a great week.
Few weeks before I went to buy a bottle of Pond’s cold cream becoz it has been helping me a lot these winters. According to the offer we got a Pond’s Face wash free with the cold cream.

Pond’s Daily Face Wash with Active Cleansing System Review-

What it claims-

Pond’s Daily Face Wash the first step in facial care for soft, smooth skin. For clean and soft skin that glows suitable for all skin-types.

How it works:


Monday, January 17, 2011

Bridal makeup look

Check out this post to have a look at my beautiful sis' bridal makeup-
Have a great week:)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mac Dazzle lipstick( Hellraiser)- Review

Hi cuties, hope you all are fine.

It is said that when you do something wrong once, you don’t stop there, you rewind your fault sometimes again & again…hey don’t you worry girls there is nothing anything serious, I’m just kidding Lol!:-)
I’m talking about me purchasing Mac once again and this time MAC Dazzle Lipstick in Hellraiser, was my choice. I can’t say that this is my best lipstick but it’s special because this is my second/first Mac lipstick( first one I got it about 5 years ago so let’s consider this the first one in my current collection).


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chambor eyeshadow trio( Bronze)

Festival times are over, so normal life is going on. You all ladies would want to look beautiful in your normal life but in a natural look which can give you a descent and charming personality. Makeup which makes you beautiful but doesn’t show, light natural lipstick and light eye shadow which can define your eyes without showing.
This Chambor eyeshadow trio is very nice for those working girls who believe in elegant and descent look.

I love this brand so always like checking out its products in the market. I bought this trio a couple of months ago and after using it only once, I can say that I love it. I’m not crazy about loud makeup so it’s very fine for me.

It comes in a very classy packaging and I like it. Navy blue packaging is very elegant. Inside the carton navy blue box with the Chambor trade mark is very pretty.

Now inside the box, the box opens easily with a click and we find three shades in the box with a nice applicator and mirror. Applicator can easily apply all the shades and with its mirror one doesn’t need to look here and there for it.

Price- Rs 450 when I bought it in October but now these trios are of Rs 475

Shade 1

This is a coppery-bronze brown color. I love it for outer corner of my eyes. Its lovely shimmer finish defines my eyes very well. It looks great as an overall lid colour too, when we go for any night occasion. Inspite of some shimmer in it, it has a matte finish in it. After blending, it looks amazing.

Shade 2

This shade is also pretty lovely. It has a white pearly finish and is some what similar to the Maybelline shadow stylist pearl white. I can use it with white and off white dress. It is successful if you want a pearly finish to your eyes but you have to define your eyes by applying some dark shade on your outer corner.

Shade 3

This shade is my most favorite in this palette. Overall it is a neutral shade.I can use it on any of my dress. It gives a very elegant and natural finish to my eyes. After applying it I feel very natural and simple but pretty look. With black dress, it looks very fresh and beautiful.It looks as if I haven’t applied any shadow on my lids but gives my lid a very innocent beauty. Can be used to create a lovely look for day parties and functions.

The reason why I love this trio:

All the three colors are very pretty and give a pearly finish.

Its suits every skin color.

pigmented and very nice in blending.

I can very easily pick them by the applicator or brush.

They all give me natural eye look.

These are very suitable for working girls.

It’s for you if you want a subtle and simple look.
There is not much fallout which relaxes me and I can easily do my makeup.
Applicator is very nice and easy to apply.
Mirror makes my work very easy. Very nice to carry out in my purse.

Now the swatches-

Some dislikes:
I love Chambor trio but often have seen that one shade is little bit chalky. But thanks God in this one there is no such shade.

The quality of every shade should be equal.

It is a trio which is not for festival occasion.

It’s not for you if you love loud makeup.

But overall I love this trio and will always check their latest shadows.
Rating of this trio: 4/5
Hey girls what your views about this trio. Have you tried any other Chambor trio?


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Max Factor Vivid Impact lipstick- Review

Indian actress Priyanka chopra once told that she wants every thing in the world to be pink. She was just kidding but the fact is that there is almost no one girl in this world who doesn’t like pink shade. Pink flowers, pink baby frocks, pink ribbons, pink balloons, pink bubblegum, pink candies…

Max Factor Vivid Impact Rose Rage lipstick-

A girl is crazy about this shade and if the question comes of cosmetics especially the lip color, the first choice of a girl will be pink, no matter what is her skin color is; there are a lot of different pink shades in the market.

Hey don’t you think that I have started flattering about pink shade Lol, actually pink shade is my weakness and whenever I get a chance to buy a lip color, I check out the pink shade first.

Maxfactor vivid impact lipstick Rose rage:

Today I’m writing a short review of Maxfactor vivid impact lipstick Rose rage, which my friend gifted me on this New Year occasion. I had promised her with thanks that I’ll write its review and post a look with this lippie after Muharram.

My experience:

The quality of this lipstick impressed me very much. I haven’t applied on my lips till now but I have checked the quality of this lip color on my hand. I was searching this type of pink shade since a long time but never found the exact same. I don’t know this range of Maxfactor is available in India or not because I never checked this in Maxfactor before.

Why I love this lip color?

The shade 28 Rose Rage is a milky pink shade which is my favorite shade.

The packaging of this lipstick is very pretty and designer. The bottom of the lipstick has the shade shown on it which makes it easy for one to choose.

I’m highly impressed about the quality of this lipstick. The texture of this lipstick is creamy and amazingly soft. I’m very sure that my lips won’t become dry till long after applying it.

It is gorgeously pigmented, after one swipe I can get my right shade.

The texture of this lipstick says that it’ll be very easy to wear.

There will be no need to apply a lip balm before applying it and I’ll not use any lip gloss after it.

I can say that I’m highly impressed about the quality of this range of Maxfactor and love it.


No dislike till now but if it’s not available in India, it’ll be the biggest dislike because I want some more.

Will I buy it again?

Yes, yes let me check out Lol…

Rating of Maxfactor vivid impact Rose rage lipstick:

4.50/5- I can give some more, but let me apply it haha..hey what's your opinion about this lipstick girls? Have you used this ?


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fabindia vitamin E daily moisturizing cream- Review

Hi ladies

thank you so much to give your support on my new website, I'm feeling little bit alone there but I know that your love and support will continue there also inshallah!!

You'll always be with me and I'll be there too.

Today I'm going to write a review about Fabindia vitamin E daily moisturizing cream.

I've been using this cream since the last 1 and a half months and after using this, I can tell you that it's amazing product not only for normal and dry skin but combination skin too.

What the product claims:

Made with beeswax and olive oil, this daily moisturizing cream provides hydration, elasticity and nutrition to the skin.

Key ingredients: Purified water, Xanthan gum, Olive oil, Vitamin E, Allantoin, Shea butter, Beeswax

The price of Fabindia vitamin E daily moisturizing cream is 150

Net contents- 120 ml

What is my experience with this product?

My skin is normal but has been changing it’s type according to the season so i have to manage my skin care routine according to my skin.I do not have any complains with it in summer but yes it changes a little bit to oily in monsoon & I feel some dryness in winter. In Dehradun the winter is on it’s peak Lol…And I’m freezing with 2 degrees here. I know in other countries it would be even colder but as far as India is concerned this is really cold!

After using it for a week I felt a nice change in my skin. I felt my skin soft and supple. I didn’t feel sticky it at all. I apply this cream after washing my face in the night and find my skin very soft in the morning. Sometime I mix it with rose water and apply.In this way I can use it in the day time also. After using it for 15- 20 days I really fell in love with this product.

Why I like this moisturizing cream?

It not very thick or not runny.

Not sticky at all.

It makes my skin really soft.

I love Shamoist in summer but in winter this has worked for me.

It’s totally a herbal product, the ingredients are very effective like beeswax, olive oil etc.

No doubt the price is very economical.

I’m sure after using one tube I have to run to the Fabindia store for buying the next tube.( I went to the Fabindia store today, bought a couple of products and I found the people very well mannered there.Till now I’d been buying some products from Delhi but this time I went to the store in my city and it was really good.)

What I don’t like in this product:

I don’t like the smell.

the packaging of this cream is okay. It reminds me of the VLCC sunscreen’s packaging.

I think it’ll not be good for oily skin girls who have much oiliness in their skin but will be useful for less oily faces.

Will I buy it again?

Yes,of course .

Rating of this product:

4.25/5- Finally I can say that I love this product from Fabindia and I strongly recommend it to the girls who have dry or normal skin.


Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm shifting!

Good evening friends!!

Hope you all are having a great week!! I'm really happy to tell you that now I've shifted from my blog to a new website-
I'm really happy to have reached 320 followers on my blog but now I would request all my followers and readers to join my site now. I'm feeling really alone there because you guys aren't there...So please come along and follow me there. It'll be a great pleasure to see you people there also!! You are my strength and you all inspire me to write further. Once most of you are there I'll start writing new posts.So hope I'll see you there also soon:))
Lots of love,

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Finally even I got it....Mac Venomous Villains...

I haven't been crazy about any brand so far. The thing is that which ever product attracts me no matter which brand it is of....I buy it( of course only of a good brand). In my makeup collection you will never find a huuge number of products of the same brand. They consist of mixed ones. The same goes for Mac cosmetics too. I've read a lot of reviews about the cosmetics of this brand but never wanted to buy much things because I think if one can find the same shade in Revlon or Maybelline....then why search for it in Mac. So this was my view about choosing brands and products.

My cousins and friends are almost crazy about Mac. Since the last few weeks I found that my cousin Raniya is really fascinated about Mac's Venomous Villains collection. She herself has got some lipsticks, shadows and a blush too.She insisted me to try something out of this, and because of her excitement I decided to check out this beauty powder because I've heard a lot about this from my Indian bloggers too. As it is not available in my city I told her to send it and somehow she got this as there were very less left. I received it day before yesterday and I'm very excited to try it out after Muharram.

Mac Venomous Villains Collection- Oh So Fair Beauty Powder

Rs 1500

I don't like very dark shades on my face so I searched and decided to buy this shade.

I'll be lair if I say that I was not satisfied.

This can be used as a blush which is really one of the best ones I've tried up till now.

The shade is purplish pink and would suit almost all skin tones.

It gives a satiny dewy finish to your cheeks . I bought this powder as a blush purpose and it's really lovely!!!

It is greatly buildable and highly pigmented.

As you can read other reviews or for the people who have tried it on all say that it is long lasting that's great.

Packaging is really cute.

Here are the swatches( in sunlight)-

A closer look-

What I don't like-

The price is pretty high. So not good for economic purpose and I'm sure it will be very difficult for average girls who love makeup, to afford it.
But don't worry girls we have many other blushes too in the market....check out those:)

Another disadvantage is that after trying this I'm forced to try other Mac products too....hope it doesn't get too heavy on my wallet...he he!!!

So overall I'm highly satisfied with this product.

Rating- 4.25/5

Have you tried it? What do you think?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jovees moisturizer- Review

Happy 2011 ladies,

Whenever new year comes, we have lot of hopes and wishes. All hopes and wishes which couldn't fulfill in the previous years. We never know that this would happen or not but you know that every rising morning brings a new hope for us . If you ask about my wishes then I'll say that a peaceful world where there will be no place of war and violence, where every person will be at the same position, no difference between the rich and the poor, a world where every faces have a true smile, every country whether big or small, developed or developing has its own freedom. Love and passion will be everywhere. This are my hopes and wishes from this new year.

Anyways ladies, today I'm reviewing Jovees Moisturizer. I had not heard a lot about this brand but some days ago my cousin who had come to visit me had this moisturizer and she is very happy with this one. I asked her about the quality and she told a lot of good things about this but the main thing was that this product is mainly meant for people with combination skin. This is a good option for this skin type girls.

What it claims: Jovees Shea Butter Moisturiser this hydrating moisturizer with anti oxidant properties contains a variety of botanical and fruit extracts, which protect the skin against dehydration and counteracts deficiency of essential moisture by supporting the skin's ability to retain moisture.

Active Ingredients
- Shea Butter, Apple Juice, Grape Seed Extract, Sandal Extract, Peach Extract.
- 120 gms.
Price- Around Rs 135- 155

What I like in this product:

It gets absorbed into the skin quickly.

Does not dry out the skin or make it sticky.

Gives a nice fresh effect to the skin.

Has a nice mild fragrance.

It has long lasting effect on the skin and makes its soft.

Can be applied under make-up and you'll not have any problem after applying it.

The tube packaging is good enough as we don't have much trouble in taking it out.

Quite a low price but the product is worthy enough.


People with very dry skin won't find it very effective but with normal and combination skin will surely have no troubles with it.

I've always been using Shamoist but after my sis' experience and me also trying it a bit I'm happy with this product.

Will I recommend it-
Yes, keeping your skin type in mind you can give it a try.

So ladies hope this review helps and have a great week!!!
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