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Monday, January 31, 2011

Biotique Fresh Nourishing Conditioner

Hi everyone,

Today I’m reviewing Biotique Bio Watercress Fresh nourishing conditioner which I bought around a month ago.

I had been using L’Oreal conditioner before it but due to a bit of hair falling, I wanted to try some other conditioner too.

What Watercress Fresh nourishing conditioner claims-

This nourishing formula silkens and strengthens hair for healthy- looking body and shine. Keeps color and perm in place. Protects hair against environmental dryness and damage.

Major Ingredients:

Neem (Azairachta indica) 2.0%, Gajar (Daucus carota) 2.0%, Ghrit kumari (Aloevera barbadensis) 2.0%, Kheera (Cucumis sativus) 2.0%, Bizora Nimbu (Citrus medica) 2.0%, Pudina (Mentha arvensis) 2.0%, Jav (Hordeum vulgare) 2.0%, Bihidana (Pyrus cydonia) 5.0%, Tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum) 2.0%, Ankurit gehun (triticum vulgare germinate) 2.0%, Himalayan water Q.S.

How to use-

Apply liberally to wet, cleansed hair and massage in gently. Leave on for one minute. Rinse well with water.

Price- Rs 159

My experience-

My hair feels a bit dry in winter. I haven’t ever colored my hair but I know that the conditioners which are made for colored or permed hair are usually good for dry hair so I chose this one.

After applying it when I washed my hair after 3-4 minutes, I was disappointed because I didn’t feel any smoothness in my hair. But after sometimes when my hair became dry and I combed it, I felt my hair quite smooth and shiny.

What I like in this conditioner?

I like its lovely smell. This smell makes me happy after drying my hair too.

It has a gel based texture. You have to take it out from the bottle on to your palm and rub before applying.

Although I didn’t feel any difference after washing it but love the effect it gives after an hour or so when my hair dries up.

It makes my hair smooth and silky.

I can feel a clear difference in my hair after one months use.

I don’t know that it’ll be effective on colored or premed hair coz my hair are not colored or so.

It’s a herbal product so I’m sure that it’ll not harm my hair.

The price is reasonable.

What I don’t like in this product?

As this conditioner is gel based so a big quantity is required to cover the whole of my hair.

This is not a pump out bottle so it’s difficult to take out required quantity. There is always a risk of too much coming out.

Although the price is quite reasonable but as far as quantity is concerned, and the rate at which it finishes so quickly it should be even less.



Will I buy it again?

Nice product but there much better conditioners in the market so I’ll try others too.

Will I recommend it?

Hmm no, because I’m not fully satisfied so I can’t recommend it to others but if you are a fan of Biotique’s products, you can try it.

So have you tried this conditioner? Which ones are you using these days?

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