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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Daily care for Combination skin...

Hi friends, i have written about daily care of dry skin and oily skin till now, so now what?
I have got a lot of mails of yours in which you have asked me to write about combination skin.Friends i have already told you about this skin,the care of a combination skin does present a problem, as it seem to have the worst features of both dry and oily skin.The effort should be towards striking a balance, to reduce the oiliness of greasy parts and lubricate the dry areas. If you have this skin you should use two skin care routines and treat the different areas as two individual skins.This may sound very difficult but once you understand the characteristics and choose the right cosmetics, the daily routine should be quite easy.
So now discuss about daily care of your skin. Cleansing comes first.Wipe the dry area with re hydrant gel, use moist cotton wool. Apply the medicated soap on the oily areas and rinse off water.Rub a mixture of beauty grains and skin tonic on area that are prone to blackheads. Wash off. Tone the entire face with skin tonic , using a cotton wool pad. Pat the skin gently.
This cleansing routine should be followed in the morning and before bedtime.
About the night care, it should be include a light massage with a nourishing cream on the dry areas. Choose a product that is not too oily. Cleanse and massage your neck too. Wipe off all the cream with moist cotton wool after twenty minutes. Apply an almond under eye cream around the eyes and wipe off with cotton wool after ten minutes. If you have any spot or pimple on the oily area, apply an anti pimple lotion and leave it on. If you have scars left by acne, rub an anti blemish ointment it into the scars and leave it on all night.
A few cosmetic-aids, common to both types, are also required. a good sunscreen would  protect the skin from dehydration, and moisturizer. A skin tonic helps you to tone and refresh the skin.
The skin care without a face mask is incomplete.
Choose one according to the need.
If you have acne or pimples, you should choose a medicated mask, it will be the best for you.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Daily care of oily skin(II)

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            Hi readers, I am really sorry for my long absence. It was due to some net connection problem. So now we're going to throw light on the pore cleansing method.
            Pore cleansing method is based on a gentle derm abrasive action which cleanses the skin of dead cells and hardened oil from the pores.
A mixture of beauty grains and skin tonic is gently rubbed on to the skin and is left to dry. Then rinse it off. This procedure is very helpful in loosening or removing stubborn blackheads.

The grains should be applied in a circular manner concentrating on the nose and chin areas. This removes the dead cells and unclogs the pores. The skin tonic should have a rose base which produces a healing action, tightens the pores and refreshes the skin. Slowly the pores shrink, the texture improves and the skin gains a smooth, translucent look. It also gives the skin a healthy glow.
            Whatever the skin kind is deep pore cleansing helps in every way, improving the texture as well as the color. Taking proper care of the skin is basically a matter of awareness of the right and wrong procedure. In fact I would say that one should not do any cleansing rather than adopting the wrong method. The choice is yours……Isn't it?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daily care of oily skin

 Hi readers! Sorry to keep you all waiting. Actually I was out of station so was unable to write. I got a lot of mails because of my absence. I had gone to Mumbai. Anyways so here I am, back with a new post. So today I am going to deal about the care of oily skin.

            Oily skin as the name suggests is one in which the oil producing glands are very active. The excess oil causes the pores to become enlarged giving the skin a thick, coarse look. The surface grease attracts the dirt and grime and these are required to be removed daily. Thus cleansing is required.

            Due to the excess secretion of oil, skin looks shiny and toneless. The extra large pores give it a thick texture and make the skin prone to blackhead formations & this leads to pimples and acne.

            When we start with the proper method of cleansing a few aspects should be kept in mind.

  • The surface oil and dirt should be removed.
  • The pores must be free of accumulated grease so that the blackheads are discouraged.
  • The texture of the skin should improve

All this should be achieved without creating your skin alkaline. The natural acid of the skin should be maintained.


  • The skin should be washed with a medicated soap using lukewarm water. (special non alkaline soaps in cream form are available)
  • The skin should be rinsed with water. After rinsing a pore cleansing method should be followed.

We will talk about this method in my next post.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Daily care of the dry skin {part 2}

In my previous post we were discussing about  the toning of dry skin.I got many mails about it, in which it was especially asked that i should mention about the name of toner which will be best for this skin.I don't want to recommend any specific name of toner but in my opinion a skin tonic with mint and honey base would be best for this type of skin because skin tonic braces the skin & tightens the pores specially under the eyes and jawline. 

ok now we come to the point, after cleansing properly the next step should be toning.Its very necessary that i tell you the right way of toning your skin.

Pour half a bottle of skin tonic in a dish & soak in it a few small pads of cotton wool and leave it in your fridge.So it'll always be ready, soaked and cold to be dabbed onto your face.

After toning the next step is nourishing the skin, which is essential, because when you are asleep, your skin is busy replacing dead skin cells with new ones. Sleeping is very important time for beauty. In these moments, there is no sun, wind or dust to bother your skin.

Every night, a nourishing cream must be smoothed upwards over the face and from the chin downwards, to relax taut muscles & accelerate circulation.If you feel that your skin is very dry then use a second application. A nourishing cream, with Vitamin E, would work wonders.

special care around your eyes-

The area which needs special care is the area around the eyes. This area lacks sebaceous glands, which supply oil to your skin. So the area around the eyes can suffer most from dryness, because the skin there would line, wrinkle and darken first.

Apply an almond and lanolin cream which is best for the area around your eyes, from inner corner of the eyes outward, very gently. Remove the cream with moist cotton wool very carefully.

An almond and lanolin based cream is also excellent for dry and dark lips.

In the end, I want to say that one should strictly follow this routine.  Always remove your make-up before you go to bed. From this knowledge you should be able to prevent the skin from becoming a victim to changing seasons and make the most of the winter.

You will be always happy with your flawless skin and will love it.

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