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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chambor Enriched Rivitalizing Makeup(liquid foundation)

Hello everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend!!! And all set for Diwali....Wish you all a very Happy Diwali in advance.

Foundations are a must in a makeup kit and no makeup is done without using foundations…Isn’t it?

Today I'm gonna review the Chambor liquid foundation.

What it claims: A lightweight and bendable foundation which helps to restore skin firmness and fight free radicals. This moisture- rich creamy formula modifies visible signs of aging and stay put for a radiant look all day long. Dermatologist tested.

My experience-

I must say it is all so true.

This is the best foundation I have ever used….I’ve tried many brands but this is better than all. It’s got SPF 18 which is very good.
The formula is not too creamy and it’s very light weighted. Gives a matte look. The shade matches my skin complexion perfectly and it is highly bendable. Lasts for the whole day and it is even better than Chambor’s stick foundation.

The pump up bottle is very comfortable. The long SPF protects my skin from sun damage and I love all products which protect my skin.

Price: Rs 800- 850.

The price is reasonable and this is my second bottle. It gives perfect moisture and is great for normal, dry and even oily skin.

It has a lovely fragrance!! The foundation exactly matched my skin tone.Gives a perfect glow to my skin leaving it flawless and radiant.The glow can be seen on the skin clearly.I need a very light touch of compact powder in summer and monsoon but in winter it can be used without any compact.The coverage is amazing.I love this foundation.

These days I’ve heard a lot about Revlon Colorstay foundation so really wanna try it out too and I’m even eyeing Mac studio fix….but I'll have to think some time about changing this lovely foundation from any other foundation.
Will I purchase it again? Of course yes. I'll have been trying other brands also but this will be my favorite till I don't get a better foundation than it.
So ladies which foundations do you use and which ones are your faves?? Have you used this foundation and what is your experience with this product?


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ponds moisturizing cold cream and Dove anti perspirant deodorant- Review

Hi ladies,

How is everyone? Hope all is well...!

Today I'm reviewing two products which I had bought recently.

So the first one is Ponds moisturizing cold cream.

I had asked Tanveer about what to use in winters coz just like my mom my skin also gets dry in winters and she had recommended to use this cream.

What it claims: moisture+ nourish+ protect

Moisture- Ponds' quenching moisturizers with Sodium PCA and glycerin that gently moisturize skin and maintain the skin hydration balance.

Nourish- Skin nourisher with soya protein, sunflower oil and skin lipids for soft supple skin.

Protect- SkinInsta- shield with mineral oil, Emmolients and sillicone conditioners protects skin from harsh winters and preserves its youthful beauty.

It is dermatologically tested.

How to use: Gently massage it on your face and neck in upward circular motions twice daily.

I was not too sure whether it is good or not so I picked up a trial pack of 30 ml just for Rs 27.

I've used it twice and found it great for winters...It's a bit sticky which is good for dry skin.

The bottle is so cute...white and blue combination.

Till now I haven't found any cons in it and I'll surely use it in winters.

Thanks a lot Tanveer my mom is very satisfied with this and has decided to buy the big bottle after using this pack. She liked Nivea cream for winters but this one is better than that.So if you guys have dry skin in winters you should surely try it and if you have how did you find it to be??

So now let's come on to the second product- Dove anti perspirant deodorant 1/4 moisturizing cream in grapefruit and lemongrass scent.

I've used deodorants from Faa, Eva and thought of trying out something new and picked up this.

It is dermatologically tested.

It gives a 24 hr protection which is almost true.

It has got a light smell which is a good thing as I usually don't prefer strong smelling deos....they really give me a headache!

The fragrance is lovely and the packaging is good.

Price: Rs 160

This is one of the best deodorants I've ever used...So have you guys used it?? 


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Skin and health care in Winters

Hi ladies,

Hope you all had a great weekend!

The winter is knocking in, the wind has some chillness in it which feels good in the starting but gradually as it’ll grow, will bring a lot of problems with it. Every season has a beauty in itself but has some problems as well. These problems begin from our health and beauty especially our skin problems. Our skin takes some time to accept the changing weather and we get some problems in starting. Most people love cold weather and wait for it. October is called as pink weather; there is some coolness and some warmth mixed in it. It is very pleasant but the skin problems begin at the same time. But I think we’ll get some relax if we are careful in this weather. A good routine, good products and some care can solve all the difficulty and we can enjoy this weather.

What should we do?


At first we should take care of our diet routine. The effect of what we eat reflects on our skin. In summers we consume a light and healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and juice but in winter we need some rich and healthy light food, like lots of dry fruits which give a warm glow to our skin. We should give up the cold things like one can take hot soup instead of juice. Healthy hot soups work the same like fresh juice.

Exercise and Yoga-

Most of people give up their routine of yoga and exercise in cold. But in this weather work out is necessary for our health and beauty. If you don’t want a heavy workout, it’s okay. You can do some Yoga exercise, believe me it will give huge relax to your beauty but also will keep you away from many diseases. You’ll feel more fit and healthy.

Skin care routine-

A good skin care routine will save your skin from many problems of this weather. You should apply a good moisturizer in the morning and evening regularly. If you have dry skin the moisturizer should be rich which can give that oil and moisturizer balance which your skin needs. Normal skin also needs a rich moisturizer in this weather but if your skin is oily, it needs a normal moisturizer but regularly because oily skin also feels some dryness in this weather especially when it begins.

Night care routine-

You should clean your skin at night. The formula is the same. Dry skin needs rich cleanser and oily skin needs normal. After cleansing you should (especially dry skin) do a light massage with a good nourishing cream in circular motion very lightly, only five minutes and wipe the cream. You can apply a good night cream if needed otherwise you can go to bed after that.

So this was all about taking care of your skin and health in winters…What do you think ladies??? Hope it helps.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Clover Beauty Inn giveaway

Hi guys,

The weather's gone crazy here...It's been raining since two days and I'm feeling very cold....Thrrrr....thrrrr! Finally winters have arrived and the festivals are not far....Isn' t it????

So today I'm dong this blogpost on this lovely giveaway by the lovely Ashura. You can check out this giveaway at-

She's giving a Jill Stuart curler and a mascara.

The giveaway ends when her blog reaches 80 followers. So hurry!!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Festival look: Golden and black combo

Hi dear friends and readers

There are a lot of festivals coming in India very soon, like Diwali, Eid-ul-zuha and then Christmas. A lot of happiness & excitement is in the atmosphere. People of my country are the most energetic ones in this world especially for celebrating festivals, and ladies? Ohhh they always wait for these festivals because it gives them such a big chance of to look beautiful.

So ladies what are you thinking about? How is your preparation for the coming festivals?

Now when the atmosphere is festive so I thought why not post a festive look for my readers?

I have tried here a different look which can surely insist you to try it for any special occasion. Black & golden are the most favorite colors of any festival so I have chosen the combination of both shades here.

And yes, I wore a nose ring which has given an amazing change in my look. A very small piece of jewelry but is able to give you a pretty look.

I applied an amazing shade which is the combination of black and golden but not very shimmery, it’s a little dull.I got this wonderful shade from my Rimmel trio.

It’s a simple formula of the makeup that if you have applied heavy makeup on your eyes the rest of part has to be light. The main exposure will be your eyes so I applied a very light touch of blush and lip-gloss.

Products I used here.

 For eyes-Chambor stick foundation in place of primer

Rimmel Silk eye shadow trio

Revlon kohl black

Revlon eyeliner- Black Beauty

Revlon Lashfantasy mascara

Revlon false lashes

Vega eye shadow brush

For face-

Chambor liquid foundation 

Revlon compact powder

Chambor blusher

Loreal face magic pearl powder

For lips-

Street wear Lip gloss

                                                            This was the final look:

So ladies I hope you would like this look and if it can inspire you, try for your festivals.  Have a good day!!!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Colorbar eyshadow quad- Review and swatches

Hi guys!!!!

Hope everything  and everyone is well....And guess you all had a lovely weekend. And yeah happy belated Dussehra to all my Indian readers.

So today I'm here with this Colorbar Shimmer bar eyeshadow+blusher quad. It has four shades in shimmery bronze.

Price: Rs 875 ( $19)

I've used a number of Colorbar lipsticks and glosses but this was the second eyeshadow I'd bought from this brand. the first one was fairly good but not fantastic but this one attracted me a lot as  I love using bronze shades.

What the product claims-An exclusive highlighter , this brush -on -powder can be used wet or dry to create a metallic glow.Bronze shimmer Bar will accentuate your facial contours to bring out the best in you.You can use it as an eye shadow, a lip color or a bronzer.It's a perfect match with neutral and deep blush shades and stays for more than six hours.

I hadn't expected this one to give me such fantastic results. All the shades are so pigmented and dark and the best part is that they can be used as a blusher and lip color too.

So as you can see the first shade is totally a copper brown shade. A dark one.

The second one is a mix of golden and copper....A lovely color!!

The third one is shimmery light brown with a bit silver in it. Maybe it's not showing up well here.

The last one is a mix of silver and a little gold in it...And i love this shade.

All these shades show up really well and I would recommend all my readers to buy this and believe me you won't get disappointed. The price is worth the product as it is a multipurpose palette- eyes, lips and cheeks. On the cheeks it's effect is truly amazing!!!You can get beautiful cheeks like Katrina Kaif and Rachel Weisz...haha!!!

I'll surely buy the other shades of this range.

So guys has anyone of you tried this quad or any other shade??? Plz tell me as I'll be going out to buy some cosmetics very soon. I'll love to hear from you people.

So ladies goodbye for now and enjoy the week!!!!


Saturday, October 16, 2010


It's like a dream comes true, I couldn't even think about it when I had started this blog. I hit 200 followers yesterday. WOW!!! Isn't that fabulous?

I'm from a small city which is not as big as metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi but the city I belong to, has been famous for it's fashion and style. The people have a great sense of makeup and fashion. Dehradun is a place where natural beauty is scattered everywhere and I think it's natural beauty which inspires one to think about beauty. I love my city...hey I'm becoming a bit emotional, anyways 200+ followers is not only an achievement,it's the love of my followers and I'll keep it in the corner of my heart. Thanks to all my followers for giving me your support and love. I love you all too. And I'm so happy that fabulous ladies like you all love reading my blog. I promise you all that I'll keep writing and try my best to help everyone.

Now some words for a great giveaway from  the beautiful Srishti.

It's an awesome giveaway. You can enter it on Here's the pic.

She's giving:
1. MAC eyeshadow of your choice
2.MAC lipstick of your choice
3.Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Lipcolor in 'Top Tomato'
4.Oriflame Kajal Eyeliner in ' Silver River
5.ALDO Gold & Blue Bracelet.

The giveaway ends on 8th December.

So hurry and all the best to all!!!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hi lovelies!!!

So here I'm back again. I'm feeling great and the weather here is getting quite cold coz winter is setting in.

Anyways today's review is all about Colorbar Lip color in Twin pink 003

Price: Rs 200- 250 I don't remember clearly.

I bought this lippie just about 1 and a half months ago. At that time nude pink was in great demand. So I went to buy one for myself....But when I saw this one it really attracted me so I bought it. Even this shade is similar to the nude one.

Sorry it's a bit messed up:


This is a lovely baby pink shade.

The packaging is nice.

It's not very light or very dark and that's the best point in this. Shows up clearly.

Lasts long for about 6 hours.

I don't feel heavy at all after applying it.

The price is worth the product.


You may have to use it again after 5-6 hours. But that's not the problem with me as I hardly need for 3-4 hours.

Here's the swatch:

WILL I PURCHASE IT AGAIN: yeah sure....because I already have many from his range. So next time surely another shade.

WILL I RECOMMEND THIS: Yes I would say that even you guys should try it.

This is what it looked like:

RATE IT:  I give it a 4/5. What about you???


Thursday, October 7, 2010

EOTD & FOTD (Requested by my lovely readers)

Hi pretty and lovely ladies
Hope you all are happy at your places. Some times it feels strange and amazing that we all bloggers who belong to so many different continents and countries but are all together in our  world of blogging. Our feelings, our happiness and our passion are all attached with each other. Really it's only possible because of Internet and blogging. Isn’t it?
Anyways today I’m here with a new activity and it's all for you because you guys insisted me do this look. So here I have tried my new Maybelline Seashore palette on my eyes.
I have chosen only two shades with a golden one.
I took the blue shade for the inner corner of my eyelid then applied some golden shade and green shade on the outer corner of my eye lids.
I blended them with my Vega eyeshadow brush and applied black eyeliner.
I applied green shadow on the half of my lower lid and blue on the other half and then applied mascara.
When I had bought this shadow, I was not completely satisfied and didn't know that it will give me such a great result.
Products used (eyes):
Chambor stick foundation in place of primer
Maybelline Seashore frost Quad
Lakme Desert Rose Quad (only golden)
Revlon eyeliner- Black Beauty
Loreal Extra Volume Collagene Water proof
Revlon false lashes
Vega eye shadow brush
Chambor liquid foundation
Colorbar Cosmic Rose blusher
Revlon compact powder
Colorbar+ Street Wear gloss(mixed)
Colorbar lip liner- Politely pink
Now after this look I'm completely satisfied with this product and very happy with it. But…but  but..the satisfaction will only be complete if you guys would like it. So I’m very keen to know that what do you think about this look.
Hope you all like it.
If you would love to create your own EOTD and FOTD like this, you may appreciate information on cosmetology school. 

Enjoy this week!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hi ladies,

I hope you guys would have enjoyed the weekend. Commonwealth Games has started and India has already won three four golds and two three silvers and three bronze too. We have also won the first test cricket against Australia so there are a lot of good news and hope this will go on.

So lets talk about today's post. Yesterday my neighbor Kiran consulted me to suggest her about any good fairness cream. She had been using the Ponds white beauty cream before and she was not satisfied with it. She has an oily and dark skin with lot of dark spots and blemishes. She admitted that before using this cream her skin was in worse condition and after using two and three bottles, she has got some difference in her skin but it's the human nature that wants more and more.

I learned Kiran’s experience about this product-

This comes in a nice bottle (She had the small sized one)

It’s not sticky at all so very nice for oily and combination skins.

She loves its nice smell.

She realized some good effects after using this and it was showing very clear on her face so it can be honestly said that she hasn't wasted her money.

Some minus points on this product-

It gives a dry effect after applying on the face so it’s not for dry skin at all.

Kiran couldn't completely get rid of her dark spots and blemishes so that is the other minus point.

         I suggested another fairness cream: Olay natural white which I bought for a try but got it to be very nice for my skin.

What the product claims-

It’s formula with triple nutrient system-vitamins B3,pro 85 & E nourish your skin to reduce the appearance of dark spots and dullness for a healthy-looking natural fairness that glows.

It has light & non greasy texture that absorbs easily to help nourish your skin with nutrients.

It also contains sunscreen ingredients that helps protect skin from harmful UV rays.

Direction of use-

Use twice a day on a clean face and neck.

My own experience with this product-

I agree that I have a fair skin and never have had any dark spots but a couple of months ago, I found some brown spots on my forehead and it had made me restless. After some research with magazines and internet I decided to buy this one and thankfully can say that I’m not disappointed at all.

What I like-

I started with the trial pack which was in a cute tube.

The packaging of this product is quite comfortable and nice.

I love its light smell.

It feels little bit greasy when we apply it but after 2-3 minutes it’s not greasy at all.

It makes my skin smooth and soft.

It’s really effective and I have clearly seen the difference in my skin after almost half a tube.

My brown spots are completely gone.

I think the cost is worth the effect of this cream: Rs 99 for 20 gm tube.

I can’t say about the fairness claim honestly, I think Kiran will tell about it.

No dislikes.( My own experience)

 But yes I’m not too sure how it will work for too much oily skin. But as it is not greasy at all so it is good for oily skin also.

Will I purchase it again?

I think yes…whenever I’ll need to.

So ladies guess even you should try this cream and share your honest views about it.

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