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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Festival look: Golden and black combo

Hi dear friends and readers

There are a lot of festivals coming in India very soon, like Diwali, Eid-ul-zuha and then Christmas. A lot of happiness & excitement is in the atmosphere. People of my country are the most energetic ones in this world especially for celebrating festivals, and ladies? Ohhh they always wait for these festivals because it gives them such a big chance of to look beautiful.

So ladies what are you thinking about? How is your preparation for the coming festivals?

Now when the atmosphere is festive so I thought why not post a festive look for my readers?

I have tried here a different look which can surely insist you to try it for any special occasion. Black & golden are the most favorite colors of any festival so I have chosen the combination of both shades here.

And yes, I wore a nose ring which has given an amazing change in my look. A very small piece of jewelry but is able to give you a pretty look.

I applied an amazing shade which is the combination of black and golden but not very shimmery, it’s a little dull.I got this wonderful shade from my Rimmel trio.

It’s a simple formula of the makeup that if you have applied heavy makeup on your eyes the rest of part has to be light. The main exposure will be your eyes so I applied a very light touch of blush and lip-gloss.

Products I used here.

 For eyes-Chambor stick foundation in place of primer

Rimmel Silk eye shadow trio

Revlon kohl black

Revlon eyeliner- Black Beauty

Revlon Lashfantasy mascara

Revlon false lashes

Vega eye shadow brush

For face-

Chambor liquid foundation 

Revlon compact powder

Chambor blusher

Loreal face magic pearl powder

For lips-

Street wear Lip gloss

                                                            This was the final look:

So ladies I hope you would like this look and if it can inspire you, try for your festivals.  Have a good day!!!



  1. You look great! Wonderful eye-make up and look.
    Love it!

    Greetings, Britta

  2. this is sich a pretty look, i love those two colors together. You look so pretty :)

    xoxo Christine

  3. Wow, you look so pretty girl! Everything is fab - right from your glowing skin to the amazing eye makeup! Good work!

  4. I love your look!really nice make up :D

  5. absolutely beautiful colors! I love it!!

  6. OMG! i love it soooooo much!!

    Lg yvonne

  7. U always look so pretty.Would love to see a skincare post :) gr8 job!!

  8. @Britta, Deeptima, Christine: Thanks a lot...Glad you all liked it!!!

  9. Yvonne, Nails design, Sweet crazy lollipop: Thank you so much ladies!

    Tanveer: thanks a lot Tanveer!!! Love your comments..!

  10. I love this! Great for a night out!


  11. wow, gorgeous look - love the eyeshadow!! how come you never look straight into the camera:-)

  12. i love ittt :)

  13. You are too pretty =D Your eyes are sooooo gorgeous! I love shimmery gold shadows, so these are the colors i will wear most often...along with heavy liner!

  14. ur skin is glowing,u look really beautiful love it!!!

  15. Very lovely look :) you look gorgeous

  16. Beautiful look, your eyes look so bright!

  17. You are so pretty! I love this look. It reminds me of Halloween or mardi gras :)

  18. Love the colour combination! I usually use gold and black together (^_^)
    I like how those false lashes look on you!

  19. Absolutey gorgeous! You are a beauty! <3

  20. You are glowing and exotically pretty! Love the color!

    Have an awesome weekend, darl (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  21. Thanks a lot ladies!!! Love these sweet words of yours.
    @bollywoodstylediaries: Thanks dear!! Actually I feel that is the best pose for me.

  22. heyyyyyy u look soooooooo stunning! love love love ur eye makeup. do looks more often!

  23. Gorgeous makeup!!!!!!! You have such deep set eyes... I am jealous~ ^^

  24. i love how you are so excited about all the festivals :) thats how it should be!
    Ur damn pretty and thank u for ur sweet comment,

  25. This matches your outfit so well! I love that gold color on you :)

  26. looking so pretty Rakshandha!! Great festive look for the season!! Thank you so much for sharing!! :)

  27. You have an award on my blog! (^_^)

  28. Ah! You look like a movie star in the pics, hun! You have a 240 volts smile which I really envy ;)

  29. Awww thanks you soooo much guys!!!!
    @ Becky: Thanks honey, you made my day!

  30. that color looks amazing on you! you are gorgeous!

  31. @ The Beautifier-Thanks are so pretty and I always love your comments.How are you honey and hows your preparation of festival?

  32. Amazingly beautiful! Gorgeous skin, as usual. ;)

  33. This look is stunning. The gold and black really compliment each other, your eyes are beatuiful. ♥

  34. Very beautiful, I love the highlight on your skin!


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