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Saturday, July 31, 2010

VLCC Skin Defense Massage cream{ Review}

Nourishing is probably one of the most common phrases in beauty terminology. After 25 it is necessary to follow regular care and routine, which is cleansing, toning and moisturizing. But nourishing is most important for your skin.There are many nourishing creams in the market. I have used VLCC skin defense pista massage cream and found it very good for normal to dry skin.

   What VLCC skin defence pista massage cream claims:

  • The effective multi action cream gives cellular protection and hydration.
  • Exotic ingredient like pistachio and nutmeg give a youthful bloom and radiant skin.

Price: It is priced at Rs. 175( $3-4)

Method of use: Apply generously on clean skin and massage for 10 minutes.Use thrice a week at bedtime. For extra hydration for dry skin, stroke on a small amount every morning, after bath.

Key ingredients: pistachio oil saffron ext, nutmeg oil, barley ext, rose petal ext, red lentil ext, forest flame ext, red earth, orange peel oil, Indian Berberry.

In the mirror of my experience:When I used it first time, I was not very hopeful as I always had been using Shahnaz Hussain’s Shalife massage cream and was totally satisfied with that.

I bought it as a change but after using it, it gave an amazing result on my face.

I took a small amount on my palm and mixed it with a little water, then applied.

Used the light facial strokes.Wiped all the cream after 10 min. and went to bed.

Next morning I found a velvety effect on my face. My skin was glowing.

After that day onwards I started buy it regularly.

What I like about VLCC Skin Defense Massage cream:

  • It’s not greasy and sticky at all.
  • After wiping it your skin gets a soothing effect.
  • In the morning when you wash your face, due to its effect you need a very light moisturizer or sunscreen for the whole day.
  • The price is very reasonable.
  • The pack, as you can see, is not too attractive but is quite comfortable to use.

One can take out as much required easily

Will I be the purchaser again????

Yes, surely, as I am already a regular one.

What's your opinion about this cream? I definitely want to know....


Thursday, July 22, 2010


When I started this blog, I had decided that i'll make it different from others. I saw that every beauty blogs are full from products reviews. In very few blogs i got solutions to beauty related problems. I have tried to do my best to share some beauty tips to my reader and I'm happy to be appreciated by my readers for it. But after my post on moisturizing the skin, i got a lot of mails in which some of my readers insisted me to write some reviews of products which can help them to choose them the right product. I don't want to disappoint you, so today i am writing about this moisturizer which suits my skin.

Friends, earlier i never used to apply any cream or moisturizer on my face as my skin was normal and i used to think that i have no need of anything. i did many skin care courses and learned that our skin always need  some moisturizer from early age. My skin is good in summer and in monsoon but it feels dry in winter. In winter my skin needs some thick moisturizer which can make it smooth and supple.

so friends I tried a lot of moisturizers but I was always disappointed. But ultimately this moisturizer really satisfied me. After using for a while i realized that its the best moisturizer for dry skin today we have in our market.

What Shamoist herbal moisturizer claims:

*The company claims its products as Ayurvedic Medicine (not cosmetics)

* A highly flexible moisturizer milk for normal to dry skin, it helps to remove dryness and soften the skin.

* Enriched with natural moisturizers , it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, providing the skin a satin smooth texture and a radiant glow.

* Easily absorbed, it can also be used under make-up.

Its Price: It is priced at 475($10 approx.)

Net Vol. 100 ml

Active ingredients:

*Cucumber seeds, sandal oil, chironji oil, honey.

Directions for use:

* Apply on face, neck and hands and leave on. 

Can also be combined with Shabase sunscreen to from protective cover.

This moisturizer used to come in a tube which was very easy in using and i could use it without touching the rest of moisturizer as i need but this time when i went to buy it, I got it in a new packing. The packing looks attractive but not comfortable.

What I like about Shamoist moisturizer:

This moisturizer has a very nice smell. I am highly satisfied with the result. It makes my skin smooth and soft. I need only some drops to finish the dryness of my skin. It also makes skin healthy.

It guards against moisture loss.

it helps make the skin smoother, fresher and softer.

It has long lasting effect on the skin because I have noticed that it made softer skin with a supple glow. 

I love its texture and its pleasant fragrance.

During the course of my I have never experienced any problems or discomfort with it.

I always apply it under make-up.

Its available in most of the leading stores in my place.

What i dislike about shamoist moisturizer.

  • I don't like the new pack as I am uncomfortable in taking it out.Try it yourself and you'll see that its like you've to take it out by putting your finger inside or if we invert it to take it out on our palm extra stuff comes out.
  • For one with a normal skin this moisturizer is good in winters but not in summers as it is kind of sticky.....But for a person with dry skin its always good.

But overall in my opinion it's one of the best moisturizers available in the marketspecially for dry skin.So better try it ladies.



Sunday, July 18, 2010

Are we really satisfied with the moisturizers which we have in the market?

First of all i would like to thank you ladies for giving a lot of comments on my last post.Its an amazing experience for me that I got so many lovely followers during my short period of blogging. My main goal of blogging has been to give some useful tips of beauty to my readers.Now its you who can tell me how much have i been successful in my aim.

In my last post we are on the skin's basic needs, we were discussing  on moisture of skin. Since the skin is constantly exposed to external factors, the loss of moisture takes place all the time. This loss has to be replaced.Exposure to the sun is known to cause excessive damage in terms of dehydration of the skin. Artificial heating and cooling devices also rob the skin of its natural moisture. Even the water that you use to wash your face can make your skin dry.outdoor activities like like swimming sport can cause excessive moisture depletion.

you should follow the daily skin care routine to save your skin from drying up.

Its also very important to choose your skin product with care.

Choose a moisturizer which would really be useful for your skin.

we have a lot of brands, and name of products in the market but are we satisfied with them?

some products give satisfaction for some days but after that they become useless.

i don't want to say that there is no any product which really good for us but we should be very careful regarding this matter.

So ladies, its my request that whenever you get any good product specially moisturizer or sun screen, please share with me and my readers....Thank you.


Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hey sorry friends actually i was pretty busy the last week. Anyways lets finish the conversation and concentrate on my next post which is all about moisturizers
As we know that moisture is the skin's basic need and it should be present in the the skin in a moderate quantity not too much not too less which can result in dry skin or other skin problems.
So now what is a moisturizer?Simple. it is something which will supply moisture to the skin. a good moisturizer should perform these functions: provide moisture to the skin as required, it should be humectant i.e. it should attract the moisture in the air towards the skin and lastly it should be porous so that the skin can breathe. It should keep a balance between the oil and the moisture and thereby keeping the skin soft and smooth.
During aging the skin 's tendency to produce the natural oil reduces. as a result it also loses its ability to hold moisture. This results in wrinkles loss of elasticity and a dry rough texture. these effects can even cause the skin to age prematurely.
I would like to continue talking about moisturizers in my next post......
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