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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Some times it happens that we are in hurry not too well but suddenly we are insisted to go out somewhere by our brothers and sisters, our boy friends or hubby. We can’t refuse them but the question is what to do when we do not have much time to ready ourselves.
I know this moment often comes in your life. What do you do then? Either you go in a simple look or you take much time for yourself and listen to some unpleasant comments for it.
But next time when you face that moment you can pick some tips from here for your preparation. Believe me it will take only 10 minutes and you can get a simple but nice look.

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10 minute look-
1-at first wash your face, wipe it and apply some moisturizer if you need. Take any stick foundation or compact which contains foundation in it. You can use Colorbar compact, Lakme magic, Mac compact plus foundation, Loreal roll on or Chambor stick foundation.
I have used here Chambor stick foundation. You need only 1 or ½ min for it.
2- Eyes
You have to spend some time for your eyes but maximum 5 min. Take any shadow palette choose a shade according to your dress. Now apply very lightly because we don’t need dark shade. You can take Maybelline palette, Chambor trio, Mac single color shadow, Lakme quartet, Rimmel trio or any other brand.
Here I have used Maybelline lilac shades and my dress was purple so it was matching.
You have to apply the shadow from inner corner to outer corner of your eyelids. No need to apply any shade on your brow bone but you can use a very light one if you want.
Take your mascara and use only one coat for your lashes. First upper lashes then lower lashes. It will be better if you have transparent mascara.

I have used Loreal Extra volume mascara.
No need to apply blush on your cheeks. Sometimes our own skin glows without the blush.
I haven’t used any blush here.
Only natural and light color lip gloss is what you need. Apply and press your lips over one another. You can choose natural shades from Revlon, Lakme, Maybelline, Mac, Loreal, Colorbar or any other.
I have used Colorbar transparent lip gloss.

Now brush your hair and leave it loose. Don’t tie, take your purse, wear your shoes and you are completely ready to go out anywhere. Come out from your room with a lovely smile and go with your partner. Don’t forget to look at your partner’s face who would be surprised to see you ready so soon.
Hey, where are you going Madam?
At least you should say thanks to me. Hahaha:))


  1. That was a nice fun post! When I'm in a hurry I generally use my Ponds TM, followed by dark brown eyeliner, cream blush & lip tint :)

  2. thanks Tanveer for sharing your secret of quick look...ya i think cream blush will be better than powder in a definitely will be easy. thank you sis.

  3. Good suggestions! I definitely need to start getting ready faster!!


  4. hehe..did you like this Val?..thanks friend

  5. This is a good post for people like me who take AGES to get ready. You look lovely; purple really suits you.

  6. really Poohkie? so you are like time please remember these tips..thanks buddy.

  7. Wow nice tip Rakhshanda...and the lilac looks so good in your eyes....great post btw...

  8. @ albastrikmik- hey why are you not seeing the photos...i'm confused.

  9. @ Soft,sweet- thanks dear.

    @ rentu- did you like it rentu? have you any suggestion for a quick look?

  10. You look gorgeous :) Love the look. its very pretty! ^ ^

  11. u looking very pretty and thanks for sharing ur tips :D

  12. @ Rashmi- Thanks Rashmi...glad you liked it:))

  13. oh man! I can't see the pictures! :( Only a little question mark ? To bad I really wanted to see the look! Have to go by the description now! Great post, btw!


  14. Wish we had the maybelline nail polish here in the city. Been looking everywhere online, no one have it. Checked ebay, but they have all the other colors, but not that one :/

  15. bdw the pictures arent availaible. i dnt knw why. erm bdw i just adore for girls who really know are good in make up, bcoz i just im really bad in it . hehe. n i love ur adorable smile. mashaallah, u look gawjuzz


  16. IamFarsilla- I'm sorry there was some error but now it's fine.

    Love T.- Thanks!


  18. this is so beautiful <3

    Aww thank you, i will absolutely be doing a OOTD post :)

    xoxo Christine

  19. CRYS, Christine- Thank you so much ladies:))

  20. now i can see the photos,your face is shining,is very pretty the look

  21. Hahah.. You are really THAT GOOD! 10 minutes for you to accomplish such an amazing job? It would take me half an hour at least!

    Have a gratifying day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  22. @ Sanny- Thanks...and if you try you'll be able to do it in 10 min too:))

  23. it takes me 10 minutes to just decide what to wear =P hahah
    you have such a beautiful smile, Mashallah!
    glad i found ur blog..uve got a very uplifting spirit =)

  24. They're great tips! And yep, my partner would love very surprised if I got ready that quickly!!

  25. Thanks for sharing this:) Its really big help in my part cause I'm always in a hurry and I always use organic lipstick without any blush or something. But thanks to you now I can have my gorgeous look in just 10 minutes.


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