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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jewelery shopping in Jaipur and Delhi

Hi ladies,
It's just the beginning of December and it's sooo cold here. What will happen in Jan??? Hope I don't freeze..he he:)) How is the weather in your cities??
Anyways we'll see....Today I'm not reviewing any product. So guess what?? Recently I had gone to Shimla and Jaipur. So my shopping not only consisted of makeup stuff but also some jewelery. I love collecting antique and traditional jewelry. So here are some sets on which I spent quite lot of money but they all were fabulous so couldn't stop myself from doing so. Check it out and hope you like it-

A pair of lovely golden brown earrings. I bought it in Jaipur. It was for Rs 1000 but after bargaining a bit I got it in Rs 800. 1000 was too much. Isn't it?? But they are my favourite...GORGEOUS!!
If you love the design of these and want to learn how to make your own, you may be interested in taking online classes in design.

And just see this one. Such a pretty one. This one was also from Jaipur.
Price- Rs 1100. It gives such a pretty traditional look.

This one is in silver. It's a stylish one and again from Jaipur.
Price- Rs 2500. I found it a bit pricey but anyways as it is silver it had to be.

This one was from Shimla and looks quite stylish.
Price- Rs 250

Awww look at's really gorgeous!! A back hairpin with studded stones. Love it but not the price...he:) Rs 750. This one is from Delhi.

Ohhh i love this one. I was fascinated when i saw it in the shop. It's not heavy but the elegance suitable for sari or suit. Its delicate design makes it more beautiful. The cost of this set is not much. It is of 3000 Rs. and main thing is the 75% resell value of this set, so I'm happy about the price. I got this too from Delhi.
I'm crazy about Rajasthani jewelries, wanted get more, but...anyway next time.
I think these traditional jewelries bring me much closer to my country's culture and tradition. You can easily consider me a cultural and traditional person, especially the Rajasthani and Mughal culture attract me very much. Whenever I went to see the Taj Mahal , Red Fort or Hawa Mahel, I was totally fascinated and mesmerized. A strange feeling tied me as i remembered about them...ohhh you must be thinking that I'm crazy. So leave this topic, hope you like this post. I'll really want to know about your views.
Have a great week:))


  1. Gorgeous jewelry! I love the silver necklace.


  2. Good morning Val..and thank you so much..ya ..i love this too.

  3. hey rakhshanda, low the jewels that you bought especially the green one from delhi...:-)

  4. stunning, fab pieces! wow! i so envy you. am soooooo in love with the last piece!exquisite

  5. Amazing stuff! I quite liked the neck pieces in the 2nd& 3rd Pics :)

  6. @Soft, Sweet and Gentle-thanks honey

    @Indianmakeupways- thank you anju.

    @ Tanveer- thank you dear.

  7. OMG I love it all! Oh how i wish I can go to Delhi and get my hands of gorgeous finds!

  8. beautiful jewels,i love all of them

  9. I don't want to look idious if I'm not right but these (I hope) indian traditionnal piece of jewelery always amazes me! The details on them are just so gorgeous, it would make anyone who wears it feels special:) I love your culture, it's so rich and fascinating :)


  10. Love, love ur jewelery esp the necklace in the second pic!!

  11. Wow amazing stuff, love the hair pin.

  12. Good morning!

    Here in southern Germany, it has been snowing all morning long. We have 2° celsius, so it's not too cold.

    Beautiful pieces, well bought! Enjoy them!

    I wish you a happy day.


  13. PS: I'm not sure if my first comment has been submitted.

  14. I like the necklace & earring set from Jaipur (2nd pic) best. I too love collecting jewellery, especially ethnic pieces. Whenever there is any exhibition of jewellery or other items, I always buy a few pieces. And I don't mind spending more money on these, they're completely worth it. Really good post.

  15. wow beautiful pieces!!! so detailed!!


    have a great monday!

    ps. stop by:

  16. @ Aranza: Thanks...if you ever happen to visit India, first you should go to Jaipur for these jeweleries...they have amazing jeweleries.

    @albastrikmik, bsd, Taylor, L, Madiha- Thanks!!

  17. Poohkie- I agree!!

    Rentu- Thanks..I like it too:))

    Britta- 2 degrees...pretty before we had 5 degrees in Dehradun and it was freezing!!

    Marie- Thanks Marie, our culture is really magical!!

  18. Wow, beautiful jewels! And you don't have to worry about someone you know owning the same pieces!

  19. I adore those first earrings! ♥

  20. Beatiful. I love them all. :)

  21. Thank you for stopping by! =)

    Love the jewelries!! <3 I especially like the 3rd one!

  22. Beautiful pieces of jewelery!
    Thank you sooo much for your sweet comment! It made me smile :)


  23. Speaking of cold, it's freezing here in Northeast in the States, I could barely step out of my house in the morning, but I'm also scared to get fired lol You have one of the prettiest accessories collection I've ever seen! Love all of them!

    Have a sparkling day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  24. these are so beautiful! and its freezing here and by freezing i mean -15!!

  25. beautiful jewelries - love them - here in germany - not so far from the netherlands we got 20 cm snow and it is very cold - i am freezing :o)

  26. those are beautiful! very bollywood =)

  27. @ Ansa, Hannah- Thank you guys!!

    @ Rinz, jadore- Hey thanks:))

  28. @ DieKriegren- Thanks! So cold there.

    @ Fashion Ice- -15 that's sooo cold!!

    @ Sanny- Thank you sooo much dear!

    @ R May A, Miss Pukku, Kasia- Thanks honey:))

  29. loved the 2nd red 1...very pretty !!
    nice haul...

  30. Lovely selection. Love the haul

  31. its freezing cold across e UK lol been around a few cities&its just too cold anyhoo beautiful jewels u got,love them all..nice choices

  32. Blog beautiful.harika çok sewdim blogunu.izleyicin oldum.thank you.kısses

  33. Lovely pieces... Especially love the last one...!!

  34. god!!such beautiful jewellery:).*Deep sigh*

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