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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sleek Makeup 2 i-divine will surely make your Christmas special!

Sleek Makeup always enjoy the festive season therefore makeup lovers from all around the world keep their eyes on them in festival days to see something amazing. Last year Sleek Makeup had made surprised us with their Limited Edition Berry Collection which was a remarkable collection. This Christmas another surprising gift is waiting for all makeup junkies. 

Sleek Makeup's Sparkle 2 Palette, the latest eyeshadow palette to be released, comes just in time for the holiday season! A follow-up to 2010's Sparkle Palette, this is also, as the name implies, full of sparkle!This one is too a remarkable palette.

When I saw the palette box, I was really pleased to see the sparkling lights which easily describe the inside story. 

I always love their packaging, sleek and elegant. 

After opening the palette, you can see the all sparkle and lights in this multi colored palette, they have even given some beautiful festive names to all shades.

This is the sequel to the original Sparkle palette, which was released back in November 2010.  I  haven't tried the original one so this will be a precious gift for me.

Like other Sleek Makeup palettes, this has 12 shades of colours. To be honest, I was really thrilled to see the color selection this time round - the palette is pretty wearable overall and the colours actually go with each other.
I found that some shades are amazingly beautiful and extremely perfect for festivals.And as the name suggests all the shades have shimmers!

Chocolate Penny is a pretty shade - a neutral golden brown, very wearable. Not much fallout rather buttery soft.
Blue Spruce isn't totally blue, more like a medium-deep aqua. This is a gorgeous shade, it's got big glitter bits that do tend to fallout.
Mulled Wine - This is a gorgeous plum with big gold glitter. Smooth like butter and very bendable.
Truffle . I think this one is most my favourite shade in the entire palette. No glitter, but a beautiful shimmer finish, and the perfect shade of suits-every-skintone brown that's not too brassy, nor too grey. Extremely soft finish.
Mistletoe .Beautiful name. Forest green with big gold glitter. The glitter doesn't show up in swatch but it's a very pretty shade.
Illusion . Another favorite shade, gorgeous violet purple, with big glitter. So romantic shade.
Festive . Another violet purple, but more pink-toned and less blue-leaning than Illusion, also with big glitter. This is also my sweet heart.
Gold Ribbon . A metallic warm gold shade with a metallic finish, no glitter. It kinda looks a little yellow on my skin but maybe it looks great on medium and dark skin tones.

Glitz and Glamour . Deep, deep, blackened purple-brown with big glitter bits. Gorgeous shade with great pigmentation. It'll be a big option when you have no mood to apply a black shade.
Tinsel . Your silver metallic, no glitter but a shimmer finish. It's beautiful unique shade, rarely can be seen in any palette.
Twinkle . Wow, another pretty name!Evocative of the night sky, this is a deep, deep nighttime blue with big glitter bits. Like twinkling stars in the dark blue sky. Another option of black.
Starry Night . Sleek Makeup loves to close out its palettes with their black shade, but now with more bling that makes you thrilled with its pigmentation! I really really love this black shade with big glitters instead of fallout. 

Among the twelve some shades are totally shimmers but rest are matte with silver sparkling particles. I love sparkle with matte color shades. This palette has 4 shimmers and 8 glitters.
The texture and pigmentation is unbelievably amazing. Each color has great pigmentation and blending power. There are some fall outs which be a bit irritating but the effects make you crazy about this palette. I love shimmers in eye shadows but in this palette matte with sparkle made me surprisingly happy. When you have a palette like Sleek Makeup Sparkle 2, your mood becomes festive by itself. 
You get buttery soft texture so you have to bear some fallout while applying the shades.
 I really love the velvety smooth texture of all shades. The all blend well and the effects which you get, make you smile always. All shades last long about for 7 hours on my eyes. Even you don't need a primer or base but if you have it'll be great to apply the shadows after applying the primer, in this way, you will get an amazing result.

Here the swatches

Finally, I have completely fallen in love with this sparkling palette, if you want a holiday palette with wearable, well-edited colors that still has some zing, and can take glitter, this one is for you.
I would love to play with every color again and again but due to Muharrm I'm unable to do so now, so you will get to see some eye makeups after it. But no doubt that it's an incredible surprising gift from Sleek Makeup who has filled happiness and excitement these holidays with this gorgeous palette.

PRICE- Sleek MakeUP Sparkle 2 i-Divine will be out on the 3rd December priced at £7.99  

Available at Superdrug stores and Sleek Makeup Website.
COB RATING-  4.9/5 

So what do you think about this beautiful Christmas gift?

This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. All reviews are expressed with complete honesty. For more information, please read my full disclosure HERE


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another fabulous giveaway on Chamber of Beauty!

Hey fashion lovers! 

I have a fabulous news for you all! My Christmas giveaway is almost over and the winner's gonna be chosen soon, so I'm here with another fabulous giveaway, sponsored by a lovely website-

This is a great clothing website, although they have a small collection but the products are really worth buying!! Moreover they have free shipping worldwide!!!

Here are a few of my favorite items!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway  Giveaway is open internationally!!
All the very best to everyone!!! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

5 Best dressed women

Today's article is based upon a question asked by my good friend who wanted to know  my  favorite 5 best dressed celebrities from around the world.
Isn't that an interesting question?
  So I thought, why not write a small article on this topic. But when I started writing,
  I came to know that it's very difficult to choose the best dressed people in the world
  since there are lots of them and choosing only five will definitely give me a head ache.
  Anyways, I have pointed out some of my favorite fashion icons.

Taylor Swift

The beautiful singer surely tops my list!! Be it her red carpet or casual look, it's always so elegant, graceful & made for her!! One can always follow her fashion because as a common girl can always relate herself with her clothes. She looks adorable in both red carpet as well as casual looks, be it a gorgeous evening dress or a simple jeans tee! And by the way, I would surely add on regarding her hair, perfect curls, fringes & straightened!!!


Priyanka Gandhi

There are only a few people in the world who always look beautiful in no matter what they are wearing. Priyanka Gandhi, the beautiful and gorgeous daughter of Late Prime Minister of India Rajeev Gandhi is one of those rare gifted person who  are born beautiful. She look gorgeous in a western dress, traditional dress even in a simple cotton sari, without makeup. We can't imagine which dress looks more beautiful on her, Indian or western because both type of dresses seem to be made for her.

Kate Middleton
This gorgeous princess has a true royal beauty. She has a cute innocent face and a perfect body. She has got amazing fashion sense so that every look she flaunts on any occasion, becomes a trend for fashion lovers. I'm not sure that in which outfit she looks more an evening gown, a dress or in a casual clothes. She always looks perfect.


If you want to see how a simple young woman should dress, you can see this actress who has been always popular among Indian. Even if she's in simple salwar suit, you'll be compelled to follow her look.
She always looks awesome, no matter how dressed up or dressed down she is. The important thing is that she look gorgeous in a traditional dress and western dress at the same time. She never wears a dress to expose unnecessarily but still she looks glamorous always. Isn't it amazing?

Nargis Fakhri
This young actress always catches my eyes from her fashion sense. All eyes rise up to her when she enters in an event. Her long sleek body looks adorable in every type of outfit, I won't say that she looks perfect both in Indian and western dresses because I'll not imagine her as a village girl wearing a lenhga but yes, I really love her in a saree. 

 These are my views on five most favorite best dressed  women whom I would like to follow, I hate the girls and ladies who expose unnecessarily. In my opinion, a girl looks more beautiful when covered up, the only thing is she should have a great fashion sense of what looks good on her. I really would love to share about some more favorite best dressed celebrities in my coming post & I'll also be writing about some worst dressed celebrities in one of my coming posts.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Fragrances

We release an exceptionally delicious collection of three compelling and emotive scents: our Fragrant Confections VAPOURS OF CAPTURED MEMORIES.

Scintillating tales from the Enchanted Garden told through make-up and skincare are now infused in a fragrance collection that truly captures the essence of Rouge Bunny Rouge. Stories and emotions abound, beckoning you to select from naughty or nice like a splendid box of irresistible confections. What you choose is up to you; each exceptionally delicious, achingly beautifully vapour charms the senses with captured memories emitted from an otherworldly sphere.


This hypnotic vapour with irresistible charms is not exactly what it seems. With the mesmerizing elegance of dappled light on water, prismatic fragrant notes flit from sunlight to shade, casting an illusion of a storm-ravaged garden. Be seduced by fig leaves, succulent peach and powdery coco layered with frosted violets overgrown with bitter green. These earthy delights, bound by musk and smoky vetiver, whisper of danger in beautiful things and innocence turned carnal.
TOP : Green Leaf Accord, Fig Leaf
HEART : Peach, Coco, Violet
BASE : Vetiver, Musk

Vesper’s diaphanous wisps tease with confident allure. Carved in tendrils of sweet woods is a perfumed invitation to descend through a canopy of blossoms. Here rose, muguet and violet shine with a light so radiant they forgo the gentle caress of shadow. Black pepper’s cool corridors awash with crushed leaves, cinnamon and apple provide solace from the dazzling display. While wafts of rich vanilla and blonde woods impart a nostalgic, cosy feeling to this supremely feminine and carelessly elegant elixir.
TOP : Bergamot, Cinnamon Bark, Violet Leaves, Black Pepper
HEART : Green Apple, Muguet, Rose, Violet
BASE: Cendarwood, Musk, Sandalwood, Vanillla


This curiously quirky fragrance is an ode to the orchid’s impulsive blooms, the temperamental feline species of the botanical world. Fine-spun lemon rising in bergamot bubbles causes raptures of purring delight as flashes of citrus and milky fresh coconut-like tones announce orchid’s arrival. With gigantic presence this majestic flower weaves jasmine, lily of the valley and rose with the cool, sensual touch of polished woods, radiant vanilla and musk in a mystical tapestry of scent that feels both strange and familiar.
TOP : Bergamot, Lemon
HEART : Orchid, Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the Valley
BASE : Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Musk, Vanilla

 Which one would you choose?? You can easily buy these fragrances from RBR Online boutique.

Why I like shopping at Jabong!

Hey Friends,

You  surely would have seen that tv ad of Jabong online website in which a husband/boyfriend complains about this website because it has a huge collection of everything and his wife/girlfriend have become crazy for shopping from there and due to it his home budget has become dis balanced. Suddenly the door bell rings and his wife opens the door where a courier boy comes with another set of thing purchased by the wife, & seeing it, they both scream, aaaaaaaaaaa, one with joy & the other with despair!Hahaha :P
Isn't that interesting?
But it's not just a funny ad, actually some how it's a fact too. Jabong is the first online which has changed the meaning of shopping today, especially for ladies. This online store has countless of stuff, you'll be tired browsing through their huge collection.
The important thing is that you'll find everything desired from fashion, beauty even house hold and decorative items for your bedroom, drawing, kitchen and bath room, even furniture items!

About is a young and vibrant company that aims to provide good quality branded products. caters to the fashion needs of men, women and kids across footwear, apparel, jewellery and accessories.

At we strive to achieve the highest level of “Customer Satisfaction” possible. Our cutting edge E-commerce platform, highly experienced buying team, agile warehouse systems and state of the art customer care centre provides customer with:

  • Broader selection of products
  • Superior buying experience
  • On-time delivery of products
  • Quick resolution of any concerns 

 I  have purchased many times from here after my first great experience. I had reviewed about my first experience and you can see that that post has been one of most popular post on my blog since a long time.
Apart from having shopped a number of times from here my other experiences from this site include returning & replacing an item. I had ordered a dress which turned out to be a little loose, I contacted the customer service & they were very helpful & quick at everything. Within 2 days the courier boy was sent to pick up that item from my place & after that I soon received a call from the customer service, and after asking about my choice, they placed another order for me. If you return an item within 30 days, they either return you the money in cash or account credit, depending on the option you choose.
So overall, it was all a very quick procedure & I did not encounter any problems in this!

A few products shopped from Jabong!

The likeable things about this website:
1) The huge collection of products under each category. The categories include Women's, Men's and Kids' Clothing  Shoes, Accessories, Bags, Home decor, Sports equipment, Jewelry, Toys , Beauty Products and more.
2) The layout of the website is extremely user friendly. All the products are tagged under several categories which makes sorting out the product you need from the millions of products available on the website extremely easy and time saving.
3) The introductory Rs.2000 gift vouchers provided for every new customer. Using this voucher, you can redeem a discount of Rs. 500 for every Rs.2000 spent shopping from
4) They provide COD option of payment. So, you don't have to worry if you are not comfortable with net payment or using your debit/credit cards.
5) Great delivery service. They have their own courier service which makes the delivery of the products super-fast. I got my product delivered in less than 2 days. They deliver on Sundays as well!!

Overall, I am really satisfied with my purchases and it has always been a good experience shopping from!!

This post is a part of Jabong Bloggers Contest. A pioneer in online shopping in India, promises to fulfill all your style based needs through its wide range of lifestyle products for men, women & kids.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stripes, Spikes & Burgundy-Green (OOTD)

 Hey everyone!

The winters are here & I'm back with an OOTD featuring stripes, spikes, green & the most loved burgundy!! Deep shades are most suitable for winters & here I'm with the same!

I'm wearing: Cardigan- United Colors of Benetton, Top- Zara,, Spikes Necklace- Romwe, Shades- Rayban, Hoop earrings- Accessorize

And by the way Happy Thanksgiving to my American & Canadian readers!!
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