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Monday, November 26, 2012

5 Best dressed women

Today's article is based upon a question asked by my good friend who wanted to know  my  favorite 5 best dressed celebrities from around the world.
Isn't that an interesting question?
  So I thought, why not write a small article on this topic. But when I started writing,
  I came to know that it's very difficult to choose the best dressed people in the world
  since there are lots of them and choosing only five will definitely give me a head ache.
  Anyways, I have pointed out some of my favorite fashion icons.

Taylor Swift

The beautiful singer surely tops my list!! Be it her red carpet or casual look, it's always so elegant, graceful & made for her!! One can always follow her fashion because as a common girl can always relate herself with her clothes. She looks adorable in both red carpet as well as casual looks, be it a gorgeous evening dress or a simple jeans tee! And by the way, I would surely add on regarding her hair, perfect curls, fringes & straightened!!!


Priyanka Gandhi

There are only a few people in the world who always look beautiful in no matter what they are wearing. Priyanka Gandhi, the beautiful and gorgeous daughter of Late Prime Minister of India Rajeev Gandhi is one of those rare gifted person who  are born beautiful. She look gorgeous in a western dress, traditional dress even in a simple cotton sari, without makeup. We can't imagine which dress looks more beautiful on her, Indian or western because both type of dresses seem to be made for her.

Kate Middleton
This gorgeous princess has a true royal beauty. She has a cute innocent face and a perfect body. She has got amazing fashion sense so that every look she flaunts on any occasion, becomes a trend for fashion lovers. I'm not sure that in which outfit she looks more an evening gown, a dress or in a casual clothes. She always looks perfect.


If you want to see how a simple young woman should dress, you can see this actress who has been always popular among Indian. Even if she's in simple salwar suit, you'll be compelled to follow her look.
She always looks awesome, no matter how dressed up or dressed down she is. The important thing is that she look gorgeous in a traditional dress and western dress at the same time. She never wears a dress to expose unnecessarily but still she looks glamorous always. Isn't it amazing?

Nargis Fakhri
This young actress always catches my eyes from her fashion sense. All eyes rise up to her when she enters in an event. Her long sleek body looks adorable in every type of outfit, I won't say that she looks perfect both in Indian and western dresses because I'll not imagine her as a village girl wearing a lenhga but yes, I really love her in a saree. 

 These are my views on five most favorite best dressed  women whom I would like to follow, I hate the girls and ladies who expose unnecessarily. In my opinion, a girl looks more beautiful when covered up, the only thing is she should have a great fashion sense of what looks good on her. I really would love to share about some more favorite best dressed celebrities in my coming post & I'll also be writing about some worst dressed celebrities in one of my coming posts.

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