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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Street Wear lipgloss- Review & Swatches

If someone calls me a lip colors’ addict I think it’ll be quite right because I have a huge collection of lipstick and lip glosses. There was a time when I was crazy about the lipsticks then this craziness changes and turned out for the lip glosses. Now it has again turned and I’m in love with lipsticks again. Hehe..i think these likes and dislikes’ roller coaster will be going on and on.

Anyways, today I’m writing a short review on my Street Wear lip gloss which I bought around 6 months ago.

Some words about the Brand-

Street Wear’ range of cosmetics-was launched under the great brand of REVLON.

Price- 225

My experience-

I don’t hesitate from the experimenting shades and brands on my lips. Every color attracts me and I want every shade in my vanity case. Sometimes I have even bought some very odd shades that I have applied only once but whenever I go to a cosmetic’s shop my eyes search for new shades( I don’t care about the brands when it is concerned about the new shades).

This lip gloss is a very cute and lovely color which I have got in this brand and I love to wear it sometimes. Yes the shade is a bit dark but sometimes it looks really pretty :-D .

Why I love this lip gloss?

This lip gloss shade is really lovely. The shade is brownish but some times it shows a bit reddish in pictures. I love its original color but its a bit frustrating when it shows red in the picture.

The color is bold but very beautiful with evening wears. The girls, who love some bold shades on their lips, will love to wear it during day time also.

The texture is smooth and manageable.

The applicator is fully able to define the lip gloss on the lips.

It’s not dry or greasy, and it is highly pigmented. You can see it in the swatches (only two swipes and ta daa… :-D )

I apply it on my dry lips some times and it makes my lips smooth.

Only one or two swipes give me my right color. Sometimes I apply it doing only one light swipe on my lips and then blend it on the whole lips, the color becomes light and very pretty. The girls, who love light shades, can make it light this way.

The shade which I choose in this brand is very wearable and will suit almost all complexions.

It has a lovely bubblegum smell!!

The swatches-

The original shade in the room

I hate this- why does it show red??

The perfect shade in this pic-

Why I don’t love?

Whenever I want to search for any new shade in this brand on the net, there is not much information available which can help me about this brand. They do not have any exciting website of this brand.

Lasting power is not very good but okay. You’ll have to give it a retouch after 2/3 hours.

The shade names are not mentioned.
Consistency is not good.

I don’t like the packaging :(

This is how it looks when I lightened it up a bit-

Will I buy it again?

No, because I’m crazy about lipsticks these days but after some time, who knows…

Will I recommend it to others?

Of course, lip glosses’ fans will definitely love to have this lovely color. It’s quite cheap in cost too.

Rating- 3.50/5

Have you tried this gloss?

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