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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Alpha eyeshadow palettes- Review and pics

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So today I’m writing about some very exciting products of the Love Alpha range from

I got those palettes Saturday afternoon, but due to some reason I couldn’t write the review immediately.

About the website- is a very exciting website. Most of you would be aware about this website by its lovely false lashes which were sent to many bloggers by this website. This website has a huge collection of cosmetics, false eye lashes, hair wigs, nails and a lot of things.


This is one of the ranges of their cosmetics. When they approached me and asked me to choose from this collection’s eye shadows, I chose these two palettes.

The first one is a mini shadow palette with 5 sparkling colors shadows. There is a applicator in it and a mirror at the back of the box.

The second one is a mini kit with 8 sparkling eye shadows and two blushes with the brush and eye shadow applicator as well.


What the website says-

Make Up Set Extremely Portable.

100% New, Never Been Used

Case Is Black, Built In Mirror

Eyeshadow Mini Stick On The Inside Of The Case

Suitable For Make up

Size : 90mm X 50mm X 10mm

LOVE ALPHA EYE SHADOW- M45 -02 in my words-

This is a very cute palette. It comes with 5 shimmer shadows with an applicator in inside and a mirror at the back.

The packaging-

The packaging of this mini palette is very nice. It’s so handy to carry out in my purse. I compared its packaging with some famous brands and find it to be even better than their packaging.


It is good and fully able to blend shadows on my eyes. Of course I need some eye shadow brush with it.

About the shades-


1-This shade is blackish green with light but noticeable shimmers. I can use it for defining my outer corner.

2- This is reddish maroon and very lovely. I can apply it all over my lids and mix with any other light shades as well.

3-This one is a mixture of light brown with a tinch of peach in it. You can use it all over the lid or just as a highlighter.

4- This is my favorite shade from this palette. It is a very pretty tea rose pink shade and very girly. I think every girl will like this shade.

5- This is a sparkling white shade and a very decent, lovely color. It can be used on the brow bones for highlighting them.

What I like about shadows-

All colours are vibrant and bright & at the same time the shimmer is mild so that it can be worn during both day and night [Of course this won’t do well for a formal look]. I am sure it won’t give much of a vibrant look.

Shimmers are noticeable but not too much.

The combination of the five is fabulous. Two dark shades with three light shadows. All of them are gorgeous!!

I didn’t notice any fallout during applying them on my hands.

All shades are highly pigmented even have a buttery texture. They can be wasted if I take them out roughly.

Very cute & handy palette which can be easily carried out in my purse and during traveling.

I’m sure the staying power will be very good coz they stayed on my hand for quite a long time. I applied all the shades on my hand without any base and you can see their pigmentation without a base.

What I don’t like about this palette-

I have only one complaint and that is about the mirror. The mirror is on the back side of the palette.

Sorry about the bad pic :(

It would have been better if it was inside the box. So I need a separate mirror during applying the shadow on my lids.

Rating- 4.75/5

Overall verdict: Overall I can say that I’m highly impressed about the quality of this mini palette. Seeing the cost of this product, it will be really a great steal. All shades are very pretty. If you want them you can check the website and book your order. The shipping timing is very quick. Your can receive your products in a very short time and very safely (in around 15-20 days only)


This is a portable mini makeup kit along with 8 sparkling eye shadows and two cheek blushes.

What the website says-

Make Up Set Extremely Portable.

100% New, Never Been Used

Case Is Black, Built In Mirror

Eye shadow Mini Stick on the Inside of the Case

Suitable For Make Up

Size: 85mm X 55mm X 15mm

ALPHA M176-B in my words- It comes with 8 shadows, two blushes, a mini eye applicator and a tiny cheek brush. All shadows are in shimmers. The blushes are not shimmery at all. Both have a pearl matte finish.


The packaging is really lovely!! Just open up the lid and you’ll find 8 gorgeous eye shadows arranged in two rows. Then just under them slide open two blushes and the applicators in between. The case opens up easily and the blushes also slide out easily.

About the eye shadows-

Top row, L-R

1. A lovely unique shade- mixture of golden and silver with a pearly finish.

2. The perfect golden shade

3. The perfect coppery shade

4. Dark brown shade

Second row L-R

1. A lovely green with a mix of golden( I find it the most unique shade of the palette)

2. Dark green

3. Light coppery shade with very few shimmers(quite similar to the 4th one of the first row just a bit more light)

4. Very dark brown

The blushes-

There are two blushes in this kit with a tiny cheek brush.

Blush shades-

1- This is a natural pink blush with matte finish. It’s quite similar to the Mac VV beauty powder which I have.

2- The second blush is a dark peach shade. My favorite:)

What I like in this kit-

All the eye shadows are highly pigmented with a buttery texture.

These is a nice combination of dark and light shades.

Gold are preferred much so you can get very unique and different gold shades.

The texture is soft and buttery. The same quality as the first palette.

Very perfect for festivals and functions. Some can be used with daily wears too.

Very manageable, not much fallout as I had mentioned, perfect for blending.

Now about the blushes- I love both the shades.

Both are natural and have a satin finish.

The shades look very pretty after blending.

Very pigmented.

No fallout, very manageable.

The texture is quite smooth and pearly.

The blush can last almost all day long on me, especially in winters. In summers it can stay 4-5 hours.

What I don’t like in this makeup kit-

The packaging is nice but very delicate. If handled a bit roughly, it can even break.

There is no mirror provided in this kit so we need a separate one.

All the shades are shimmery whereas in my opinion there should have been one or two matte ones too. But even then the browns are not too shimmery which is a plus point :)

Some of the shades are quite similar in each kit. There should have been some blues and purples too which would have made it a perfect kit.

The applicator for the shadows is too small so quite useless and the same goes for the blush brush too :(

Overall Verdict- Overall I’m very satisfied with this kit. All the shades and blushes are of my choice and are much pigmented. Even without any primer or base they are sooo pigmented then you can imagine how they’ll look on top of a primer. The price too is very low and if you buy them they’ll be like a great gift to you girls.

Will I recommend it- Yes OF COURSE!!! You should surely try it out.

Rating- 4.50/5

In my next post I’ll show you the swatches too so be patient.

So ladies do try and buy these palettes…..or who knows maybe you get them as a gift too by your Valentine!! Happy Valentine’s Day in advanced!!! Will soon be posting many looks with these palettes coz now even Muharram is over :-D

Disclosure: The items in this post were sent to me by the company for consideration. I am not affiliated with the company nor am I being paid to write this post. These are my own honest views about the product.

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