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Friday, August 27, 2010


Hey ladies,
Sorry for late posting, I was too busy this week and believe me I didn't get even 1 hour to switch on to blogging. We were doing some shifting and construction work was going on and bla bla bla........
Anyways, thank God that it's all over now.So here I am with a very interesting product. Two days before I went to the market with an intention to do turn up home with some new makeup products. My liquid foundation had almost finished so I went to buy a new one. I asked the sales girl for something new and this is what she gave me.As you all can see that this thing is in the shape of a stick and that is what it is.It's the new Chambor Refreshing Stick Foundation 01 cool maple.

  • It is oil free and with  SPF 8.
  • It is for all skin types. 
  • Contains Orange Extract, rich Vitamin C and essential oils, with hydrating and anti-oxidant benefits.
  • It glides on effortlessly providing versatile coverage and a long lasting natural finish.
I've just used it twice and found it to be great.I found it to be better than Loreal Roll On True Match because the latter  can only be applied very nicely with skilled hands whereas this stick is very easy to use and apply (in my opinion).
  • Just dab on.
  • Blend with your fingers and then close well.
It is so safely packed with another plastic lid over it. 

It does not contain any shine and one will not even need a compact powder over it. It smudges into the skin and the finishing is amazing. 

It feels weightless on my skin as if I'm totally without make-up.
You can use it for three years.Of course I'm not gonna use it for so long as it'll surely finish before that or I'll be bored with it. Ha Ha...
COST: Rs 825 for 7g.

This thing is really fabulous and every time I'm gonna buy it (until and unless a new product  comes). So ladies try it yourself and tell me about your experience with new Chambor Refreshing Stick foundation....

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I never preferred to use night cream because I believed that during night our skin should be free of creams and we should let it breathe freely. However, last winter I found my skin to be dry every morning and I somehow had to get rid of this dryness. 

First I used Himalaya Night cream for a try but it didn't work as per my needs. I was quite disappointed. Then my friend suggested me to buy Ponds Re-Brightening Night Treatment. I used it that night and the following morning found my skin to have a soft and flawless look.

I was highly impressed by the fact that I only needed a touch of moisture after washing my face. Isn't it awesome?

This is the forth bottle that i am using(I use it almost every night).

WHAT THE COMPANY CLAIMS- Extra nourishing, with new VAO-B3 complex, this revitalizing night cream helps repair daily damage and actively lightens while you sleep.

METHOD-After cleansing your skin, apply and leave overnight. Apply it over your entire face and neck with your fingertips.


  • I use only a little amount every day and it smudges into the skin and makes it soft.
  • It has got a lovely light fragrance.
  • It is not sticky at all.
  • Very very light weighted and it seems as if I haven't applied any of it. 
  • I even love the container in which it comes.

It's cost it Rs 450($9 or 10)- quite convenient. Isn't it?

So ladies try this one and tell me how you had your experience with this cream or any other night cream?????


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How can we remain beautiful and healthy during Ramzan?

Hi beautiful ladies—Happy Ramzan.

I wish you all have a very happy and healthy Ramzan.

Ramzan has begun and definitely you all would have to fast. At first I would like to say some words about this holy month. As you all know that God has made this month very special in many ways. This month brings a lot of challenges before us and we accept do these and in return gain a lot of prosperity & happiness.

I have been getting many mails of my readers in which they have asked many questions . Some of them don’t like to show their name publicly that’s why they have sent me mails.

One of my reader N(take the unknown reader as N who has asked me questions) has kept an important question to which I wanted to reply. The question is- how can one remain beautiful and healthy during Ramzan while keeping fasts?

I want to tell that one can easily remain beautiful and fit during this month. The only thing one to be done is some rules which one must follow.

You shouldn’t be much concerned about your health during this month because the schedule of our fasts is completely capable to take care of our health.

You should consume a healthy diet during your fasts.

During Sehri time( the time at dawn when we eat to feel energetic till evening)—N, you have asked what should be in Sehri- I usually take one glass of milk, a slice of bread with light butter and half cup of tea or coffee.Some times I take some fruits along with milk & some dry fruits with tea. But it will be better if you don’t have tea or coffee. I have to take it to save myself from a terrible headache.

Now during the day—you really have to do nothing expect follow the rules of Ramzan. Help others, think positive, read the Holy Quran and learn it and try to follow it in your real life, offer prayers, and do some deeds which are good for mankind. Believe me; you don’t have to carry out any extra effort to bring glow to your skin. The true happiness which you’ll feel after these activities will bring a natural glow which will be more than any artificial cream or lotion.

What should be in Aftar( evening time when we break our fast)? Lot of fruits, fresh juice, different kinds of fruit dishes, like fruit salad or fruit chat etc, boiled egg and sometimes chana(gram) dishes, such as sprouted chana chat, boiled chana chat etc.

What shouldn’t be in our Aftar? Oily food, avoid oily dishes completely. The hot pakoras, samosas only contain taste but are not at all healthy. So try and avoid these oily snacks.

What about dinner—after Aftar you need a healthy and light dinner in which lots of green vegetables are necessary to be included.

After dinner—Follow the same skin care rules as usual. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing. You need to nourish your skin at least once a week.

Do you know my skin looks flawless and glowing; my body is more fit than other days on the day of Eid.

Believe me, after following these rules when you’ll see your face in the mirror on Eid, the glow on your face will arise like a full moon on a clear night.

all pictures are taken from with thanks- 2008





Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hi lovely ladies....Happy Independence Day to all my Indian readers .Today I'm very happy to have got 40 followers. Being a fresh blogger I'm really satisfied with these many. But I hope this number will increase as time passes by.

Anyways today I'm gonna show you about a lovely glossy shade.

Enjoy the review ladies....

This is a color gloss of COLOR BAR SUPER SLIDE and the shade is pink along with a slight tinch of coral in it. I've used this gloss many times and I love it. It contains shine and moisture as most of the glosses have. But the main thing is that its not too creamy and you'll feel quite comfortable in it and its very easy to apply .Its also quite cheap; only Rs 155(at that time when i bought it{around 8-9 months ago}) 

Unlike other glosses it has to be twisted towards the right and the creamy gloss comes out of the pores as shown above. The number is HUG ME 002 and its net weight is 1.9 ml.

Only one thing which I don't like about this gloss: We have to be very careful while taking it out otherwise extra stuff comes out which gets wasted.

 So as you can see that in this photo I've applied this gloss. I can use this on many dresses like orange, pink, sometimes even on light red by mixing it with a light red one. 

Hope you also liked this shade. So try it ladies and do give your views about it. 


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hi friends, horrible weather these days. Didn't see a ray of sunlight since the last two days. It's monsoon going on which is horrible for going out but best to have a hot mug of coffee or tea along with yummy snacks wrapped up in the sheets.
    so as I mentioned above that in monsoon one can't enjoy oneself outside due to rains(at least that's the case regarding me). Not only that we face a number of problems like problems of hair.
In monsoon many ladies face hair fall problems, dull hair etc. These days even I'm facing the same problem hair-fall, dull hair. I tried many shampoos to get rid of this dull look of my hair but most of them didn't work.
One day i had gone shopping about a fortnight or so to the nearby departmental store and I caught a glimpse of this shampoo which actually changed the life of my hair. this divine shampoo(as for me) was the new LO'REAL PARIS NUTRI-GLOSS MIRROR SHINE SHAMPOO. There are many of this series regarding the condition of the hair.

So I chose the one for normal to dull hair and trust me it really works. it gives a great pearly shine to my hair. It also provides the hair fibre with nourishment, without weighing hair down. 
This pack as you can see is the small size(100ml) as i had taken it for a trial. But now I think this is one of the shampoos one can find suitable for dull hair, in the market. And it's not even expensive-only Rs 72 and I think Rs 175 for the bigger one.

Will I buy it again- Yes(during monsoon especially)
Try it and do tell me your experience with the new Lo'real Paris Mirror-Shine shampoo.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


At last weekend has arrived and I am totally relaxed today. A busy week has passed away coming along with a new one, new works, new activities........Hope you all are enjoying this weekend. I wanted to show all my readers about the lipstick shade I like the best.

So here i am and enjoy this review ladies.

I love using CHAMBOR products....especially cosmetics.This is one of my favorite shades. As you all can see that its shade is a light brownish one and absolutely the one which suits me.

SHADE: Brown

WEIGHT: 4.5g

COST:Rs 425

BRAND: Chambor

  • Firstly it matches with all dress colors and secondly it even contains moisture which gives your lips a slight glossy look.
  • It does not shine too much and gives a natural look to the lips. 
  • So come on, try it on.

Do tell me about your favorite shades, ladies.......

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