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Saturday, August 7, 2010


At last weekend has arrived and I am totally relaxed today. A busy week has passed away coming along with a new one, new works, new activities........Hope you all are enjoying this weekend. I wanted to show all my readers about the lipstick shade I like the best.

So here i am and enjoy this review ladies.

I love using CHAMBOR products....especially cosmetics.This is one of my favorite shades. As you all can see that its shade is a light brownish one and absolutely the one which suits me.

SHADE: Brown

WEIGHT: 4.5g

COST:Rs 425

BRAND: Chambor

  • Firstly it matches with all dress colors and secondly it even contains moisture which gives your lips a slight glossy look.
  • It does not shine too much and gives a natural look to the lips. 
  • So come on, try it on.

Do tell me about your favorite shades, ladies.......



  1. looks like a cross between coral and brown..

  2. what a lovely colou. it really suits your skintone! love it x

  3. it looks really great on u! i'm a new follower

    come check out my blog

  4. i don have this kind of shade in my collection..i have always used chamor liners and eye shadows...looking at yur pic its time to try it out:)

  5. Gorgeous color. My fave lipstick is a warm shade of peach called Plink by MAC cosmetics.

  6. @mahek- yes, its light brown mix some coral shade...amazing shade..I love it.

    @Hannah- thanks Hannah

    @louloustar - yes, you are right...I really like this shade.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. @ Anamika- Thanks should try this shade..i think it suits on your face...yes I also use Chambor blush and eye shadow..and love its products.

    @Ansa-Hey Ansa...I'll also want to try your favorite lipstick...thanks for sharing.

  9. It looks lovely on you! :)
    My favourite lipstick is MAC 'Angel' ... its a nice soft pink!

  10. @ Krissy- i also like MAC angel, I love its soft pink shade...thanks Krissy

  11. You looks so beautiful! Very lovely lip color!

  12. hi darling! just been busy the past few days! that looks gorgeous on you :D at the moment i'm going through a phase of deep browns.

  13. @ Anastacia- thanks Anastacia..welcome on my blog.

    @ Thank God Sami...i was really missing you...take care dear

  14. Does the color come out nude?Im a little partial to nude toned browns.

  15. Hi, thx for your sweet comment :)
    I'm visiting your blog and just follow you ;)
    Lots of love :)


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    ~Awel P.

  17. love this natural shade. it's perfect for your skin tone.

    i follow your blog now; feel free to check out my blog and follow me too.

  18. I love this shade and now I will have to buy this lipstick.
    very very attractive and very much suit on your lips.

  19. looks very pretty on ya it.My fave is Chatterbox by Mac

  20. the shade looks fab on you : )
    by the way what is the shade name n number


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