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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Braun Silk-Epil 3 Epilator- Review

I think it's a part of every woman’s life to visit the parlour every month for a waxing session. Though I'm not a hairy person and just need hair removal from my arms, under arms and legs, but then, these are the major parts of our body that are exposed and the most difficult thing is to take out enough time from my busy life schedule. Sometimes it becomes so difficult to visit a parlour for this task. And of course, razors aren't always the best of ways to get rid of these unwanted hair.
I wanted to buy  an epilator but always hesitated and was not sure if it would suit my purpose precisely?  But at last I decided to buy an epilator, a hair removing electronic device. It is available in any electronic store and many online store. There are many brands to choose from. I checked Philips first, but then picked the one from Braun, as it is the leading brand when it comes to epilators and I had read such positive things about it.

In the mirror of my own experience:
Packaging and contents:

It comes with an adapter as it is not battery operated. It also provides a small brush to clean the epilator after depilation. You get 2 years warranty along with the assurance to replace the whole set in case of product problems. It has 20 tweezers over the epilator head for better removal of hair. It has two heads, the shaver head and the tweezers head. You also get a trimming cap over the shaver head. All the heads and caps are detachable for easy cleaning of the epilator.

How to use:
Keep the epilator at 90 degrees and move it upwards against the direction of hair growth. It does not remove all the hair at once, but repeat the process 2-3 times. Once after depilation, the hair does not come back for 2-3 weeks. Clean the epilator after depilation of hand or legs. It gives you a better result. The skin should be completely dry. Do not apply any cream before epilating– the hair tends to stick to the skin if you do so.

 The first time I used it  I have a very high pain threshold, epilating was quite an unpleasant experience.It has 2 speed settings, one medium and the other fast. It is better to remove the hair in the medium setting as it provides a steady speed. After epilating, the result is good, though ingrown hairs can be seen when the hairs grow back. I have only used this on my arms and legs. After the first few weeks,  I feel very little pain like some ants stinging on my legs. The arms, though, are slightly more sensitive to the pain . Not going into too many details, the only thing I would add is to dust a little baby powder on the area you want to epilate right before you start epilating. This really helps in reducing the pain/any discomfort you may feel. Apart from this, hold the skin tight and move your hand along with the epilator. I did that for the arms and legs in the first few weeks and it helps a lot.The small brush is quite efficient to keep the epilator clean. It does not harm the skin. It even consumes very less power.
The process may be long at first because you're not used to it. The first time I used it, I think it took me about 45 minutes to do both my legs. Now, it takes me about 20 minutes to do the bottom part of my legs if I do it regularly (once/2 weeks). It takes a bit much time while epilating on my thighs because this part is more soft and sensitive and the hair in this area are thin.

  A few tips for beginners :

1. Take a hot shower or bath before hand. It'll open up your pores a little and the hair seems to come from a lot deeper. If a body scrub is used during bathing, it removes the ingrown hair to a good extent.I tried it on my arms, under arms and legs and It works just great.

2. Make sure your skin is SUPER dry. No lotion or oil after getting out the shower.

3. Apply powder. I use baby powder, but you can use talcum powder as well.

4. Hold the skin tight. Just move your hand along with the epilator.

5. Moisturize afterwards. I like to hop back in the shower and wash again, then I use a body oil.

Good points:
Travel friendly, can be used wherever you want.
Removes hair gently and leaves behind silky smooth skin.
Better than a shaver.

One-time buy and save money from monthly parlor expenses.

Saves a lot of time.

Pulls out the hair from its root.
Reduces hair growth to a very good extent

Safe to use even for sensitive skin.

Bad points:

A bit expensive.

 It is not battery operated.

 Cannot pull short hairs.

 Cannot remove the dead skin cells, which waxing does.

Overall, this is a great product. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to shaving/waxing. Also, if you're worried about the pain, buy it at a store that'll let you return the product in case you don't like it. Though it was a bit expensive than the Philips one, but still it was a one-time buy. It pulls out hair of length 2-5 mm and not more than that or less than that. If you have high hair growth rates, it's best option for you. Even if you  are not hairy but not get enough time to visit a parlour,it'll be best for you. I'll prefer epilator than waxing now because it saves my time and energy.
Price -
You can get for INR 3375 on Flipkart but the price varies on different online stores ranging between INR 3000-3700.
Availability -
Available at all online stores in India, I bought mine from Flipkart.
COB Ratings -
So what do you prefer for hair removing? Waxing or epilation? Share your experience with me! 

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