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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Daily care of oily skin(II)

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            Hi readers, I am really sorry for my long absence. It was due to some net connection problem. So now we're going to throw light on the pore cleansing method.
            Pore cleansing method is based on a gentle derm abrasive action which cleanses the skin of dead cells and hardened oil from the pores.
A mixture of beauty grains and skin tonic is gently rubbed on to the skin and is left to dry. Then rinse it off. This procedure is very helpful in loosening or removing stubborn blackheads.

The grains should be applied in a circular manner concentrating on the nose and chin areas. This removes the dead cells and unclogs the pores. The skin tonic should have a rose base which produces a healing action, tightens the pores and refreshes the skin. Slowly the pores shrink, the texture improves and the skin gains a smooth, translucent look. It also gives the skin a healthy glow.
            Whatever the skin kind is deep pore cleansing helps in every way, improving the texture as well as the color. Taking proper care of the skin is basically a matter of awareness of the right and wrong procedure. In fact I would say that one should not do any cleansing rather than adopting the wrong method. The choice is yours……Isn't it?


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