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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Nature's Co Watercress Hair Cleanser- Review & photos

Hi everyone,

We share a lot of info about our cosmetics, skin care products etc but what about our hair? The 50% beauty of our faces is our hair. If our hair is healthy, shiny and clean, we need nothing expect a bit of makeup and a comfortable dress for going out anywhere. Healthy and shiny hair express many things itself without speaking. So everyone should take care of their hair!

Today I’m going to share a good cleanser for your hair Watercress Hair Cleanser from The Nature’s Co which is really an impressive cleanser for all hair types.

Watercress Hair Cleanser

It’s a cleanser for all kinds of hair which is from Nature’s Co’s Aquaspark range.

What it claims

You can retard hair loss and even enhance its growth with natural effectiveness of Watercress. It will leave your hair healthy & shiny.


Watercress ext.

Arnica ext.

Great Burdock ext.

Calendula ext

Ivy ext

Chamomile ext

Lemon ext

Pine ext

Net weight

250 ml


Rs 695

How to use?

Apply a small amount and gently massage into the hair and scalp area. Rinse with warm water and repeat if necessary.


This cleanser comes in a transparent bottle with white cap. You can see the green liquid cleanser from this transparent bottle which looks beautiful and gives a cool aquatic feeling.

In the mirror of my own experience

I had been using Himalaya shampoo before and I was very satisfied with it but then I tried this one for a change. I’m sorry because I can’t explain what kind of smell this shampoo has but I love it. Whenever I open it to apply, its nice smell makes me happy :D During application, the one thing I must mention is that, it doesn’t produce much lather and I had to take out much amount for washing my hair in comparison to other shampoos . I don’t say that it’s a magical cleanser but after using it for about 1 month I can say that it’s a good cleanser for every type of hair. My hair is usually normal but my sister’s hair is a bit oily and it worked equally well for both of us. The main noticeable thing is that you can feel your hair completely clean, healthy and fresh after cleansing it. It claims to reduce hair loss too, I can’t say much about this matter because luckily I’m not suffering from hair fall right now.

Good points

It cleans my hair completely and gives it a clear shine.

I love its smell. The smell is very pleasant and difficult to explain.

Neither think nor too runny, this liquid which is a bit greenish in color can be applied very easily.

There aren't any hard chemical ingredients. All the ingredients are natural and safe.

It can be used everyday if necessary because it’s mild and natural.

It works for every type of hair.

Bad points

It’s not available easily.

The quantity required per wash is quite a lot and according to that the price is a bit high.

Final thoughts

Finally I would say that I love this shampoo. The main thing is that it’s totally natural and harmless. But the real test of this shampoo will take place in monsoons when my hair suffers from hair loss. If this works then, I’ll use it regularly.




I’ll recommend it those who want a natural and safe cleanser for their hair; the price is a bit of high but if it works for you, why mind it??

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