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Friday, January 28, 2011

Mac And MC Mehr lipstick- Review and swatches

Hi pretty ladies

So today I’m going to write a review on my second lipstick Mehr from the Mac and Mickey Contractor range.

Mac and Mickey Contractor’s Mehr Lipstick-
This lipstick is liked everywhere. I think it has become even more popular than Gulabi, Mocha and Yash.
I have already written about the packaging so here I’ll only tell about the shade and quality.
Price- Rs 990
The shade-
MAC website says, it’s a blue pink that is ‘dirtier’ that their permanent, similar matte lighter blue pink lipsticks.’ Dirtier Pink’…hmmm… in my opinion it’s a dull pink with a brown base…hmmm brownish pink..ohhh It’s hard to explain the tone of this lipstick, leave it, you can see the shade in the swatches.
My friends told me that it’ll be best for medium skin tone but I think it’s perfect for all skin tones and I really really love it.
Why I love this lip color-
It’s the prettiest shade which I have till now.
I haven’t applied this on my lips till then but I’m really excited about it.
The texture of this lipstick is matte but after applying on my hand, I found it quite moisturizing. Maybe some girls need a lip balm on their lips before applying it but not for me as my lips are not often dry.
You can wear this shade with any colored dress.
It looks great- very subtle for day wear.
It gives your lips a natural finish and feels light and smooth.
No doubt, the lasting power will be about 6-7 hours.
Here are the swatches:
In bright light:

Why should you stay away from this lippie-?
If your lips are dry, you should avoid or use a good lip balm before applying it.
If you always wear traditional shades, stay away.
Of course the price.
Rating- 4.75/5
No doubt, it’s an amazing lip color.
So Finally I would say that both Mehr and Gulabi are amazing shades and it’s great that I have them!
Hey girls, have you tried this lipstick? What do you think?

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