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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Casual, natural look- Outfit of the Day

Wholesale is an awesome place for fashion junkies.  Everything which a girl can just imagine in her vision is already available here. Sometimes, it’ll be difficult to decide what to purchase or what to not. Anyways I’ll talk about my shopping now, I bought a simple white t-shirt this time with some shoes. Today is a short review about that Tee.

Vogue Leisure Long Sleeve T-Shirt White

Vogue Leisure Long T-Shirt White is a simple white Tee with cotton fabric. It's very comfortable with jeans, trousers and skirt.  



Detail size of design  


60 Cm


88 Cm


US$ 2.97

The color




In the mirror of my own experience

In my city {Dehradun} spring is now over, days are now quite warm but mornings and evenings are still cool here. According to the weather, I chose this white cotton fabric Tee with full sleeves. When I saw its price, honestly speaking, I was hesitated to buy; actually I wasn’t sure about its quality because the cost was unbelievingly low. But the print and design looked so pretty that I decided to take this risk.
When the tee reached my place, I was ecstatically pleased to see its fabric which was so soft and smooth. After wearing it I was really happy because the fabric is not only looking supple but was very comfortable too. The fabric was perfect for current weather.
If I talk about the fitting, it’s perfectly well for me. The size was free so I was not worrying about this matter. I’m completely satisfied with the fitting.
Now about the most important part of this tee which really surprised me was its quality. The fitting, fabric etc was the same as I had wanted but the only worry was whether the fabric and design would remain the same after washing?  Hey please don’t smile on my silly thoughts because I have seen very bad results of some of my tees after washing them. But I had to realize the quality of this online shop, everything either less or high cost, has a high class quality and this thing makes this website different and special. I’m very very happy with this top.

Ring-, nail paint- Revlon nail enamel

Good points

The T-shirt is simple but very pretty!!

Feels comfortable after wearing.

The cotton fabric is soft and smooth.

It’s fitting is perfect.

 Easy to wash & it does not get wrinkled at all. 

The fitting and the fabric’s condition didn’t change at all after two washes.

Easy to buy

You get your things very safely and quickly. 

The cost is disbelievingly reasonable.

Bad points

A bit difference in print shade which looks red but pink in real.


I'm totally satisfied with my purchase. I think I got a high class shopping at a very less cost. I know that sometimes we find some super quality T-shirt in our market too but mostly prove to have bad quality fabrics especially when the cost is less, we have no guarantee with the quality and it becomes useless after wearing one or two times but after my own experience with this tee, I can say that they have keep high class quality even at a very low cost product and this thing makes this shop really great. 




Of course I'll recommend to my readers and friends for shopping from here again and again because it's amazing!!!


You can purchase this T-Shirt HERE. They have a huge variety of such Tees.

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