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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Light smokey gray eyes: Look and Tutorial

Hi ladies,

It often happens that college going girls of even working women want to try a Smokey eye look....But they usually hesitate in doing so....Why???

1. Firstly they would think it to be dark look which would surely look odd.

2. Secondly these youngsters would feel such dark makeup would give an elderly and mature expression on their face. 

But no...I thought why not do a light Smokey eye look which can surely help these girls. 

Today I'm posting this look...Have a look!!


So first of all I applied light moisturizer on my face and then a very light coat of foundation. You can use a good concealer under your eyes or on any spot on your face. 

I haven't a used concealer here. After applying foundation, I gave very light touch of compact powder.


I applied light pink blush on my cheeks with my Vega blusher brush and blended it well. I gave very light touch of blush on my forehead and chin also.Note- This should be a very light touch which will give you a glow.


I applied stick foundation on my eye lids in place of primer. You can use a primer.

Then I applied gray shadow on my lids, from inner corner to the outer corner. I applied this shade only on my crease line then I took light silver white shade and applied it on the rest of my eyelids along with the brow bone. Blended it well. I gave a light touch of gray shadow in my lower lids with a thin brush.

Then I lined a thin line of liner and then mascara. You can use false lashes if you want. I have used lashes here.


I used a very light pink lip liner to make an outline of my lips then filled it with the same colored lipstick.

I wanted to make it more light so I took a tissue paper and kept on my lips, pressed it and made the shade even more lighter.

And then it's done.


Cheeks: I used- Chambor liquid foundation

              Revlon compact powder

              Chambor blush


I used- Chambor stick foundation in place of primer

               Maybelline eyeshadow combo- Grey matters ( both shades)

               Revlon eyeliner in Black Beauty

               Revlon lash fantasy mascara


I used- Colorbar liner in politely pink

          Loreal lipstick- Laetitia pink 706



And this was the full final look:

So guys hope you liked this look. Have a great and safe Diwali and an awesome weekend!!!!



  1. hey looooove the look and love the lipstick even more. i will surely check out the lippie

  2. Thanks Anju and Happy Diwali to you. Yeah i love it's's so natural.

  3. I love the smokey look. You're gorgeous!

  4. @Anamika- thanks

    @Leslie- thank you

  5. yay~! You read my mind~(or possibly my blog?hehe) I want to do a smokey look so bad~!! (like Taylor Momsen! XD) but it would look fairly weird around my engineering friends..starting out with grey would be great! =)) thanks for the tutorial..^^

  6. hehe...I didn't read your blog sweetie, I read your mind...I'm happy that you like it..try it first then say thanks.

  7. Love the eyemakeup...girl, you have gorgeous eyes ;)

    I really, really, wanna try that foundation...sadly, i have not been able to find it online :(

  8. Love the light smokey look :) thanks for the tutorial ^ ^ xoxo

  9. beautiful!!!! =)))

    By the way I am tagging you on my blog award:) I know it's not much but i really enjoy reading your blog.. xoxo

  10. @ Aranza: Don't get depressed about this foundation. You can surely check out Revlon Colorstay...It sounds really good.

  11. @ Sara H., Rinz: Thanks a lot ladies!!

  12. Good morning Rakhshanda,

    this look is amazing. I love the combination with the smokey eyes and the pink blush - very nice.
    The blush leaves a wonderful glow on your teint, well done!

    Greetings Britta

  13. perfectly balanced look... eyes and lips are awesome. planning to look out for the lip shade :)

  14. @ Britta- thanks dear..i have done it for you girls, if you liked it, my all efforts got their price.

    @beautydiva- thanks a lot friend for your lovely comment.

  15. you look gorgeous, i love the smokey eye look xxx

  16. A light smokey eye is a great idea & as usual your look is FAB.

    You seem to have the most beautiful shades of light pink lipsticks. I want to go lippie shopping with you :D

  17. @ Jo Woods:Thanks Jo.

    @Poohkie: Awww thank you so much and why not Poohkie..sure...anytime.ha ha.

  18. Very pretty look , for me this is a daily smokey look ! But i love smokey !!! Great job girl x

  19. that's a great look!! I will def check out the lippie :D

  20. Hi Rakhshanda,
    you are so right. This is a very suitable smokey eye for office. Wanna try this out! :-)

  21. @ Luna..thanks honey

    @ Ezzy- thanks should try to check it out.

    @ Desi and the City- did you like this?..I'm happy, you should surely try it.

  22. You did great with this look! You definitely pulled it off!

  23. such a gorgeous look, you look so pretty <3
    thanks for sharing this <3

    xoxo Christine

  24. What a fantastic shade of pink.
    Sadly my skintone's very anti-pink, I only pull off berry, red or brown shades of lippies.

    And you, ma'am, are absolutey stunning!

  25. i love grey shadow! it's my favourite to wear cos i think it comes off pretty sophisticated! i love the lipstick colour too!

  26. I love smokey eyes. They have a romantic and mysterious quality to them. All girls should wear smokey eyes some time in their life.

  27. OMG,U look absolutely beautiful,ur skin is flawless,makeup is very pretty..I love love it

  28. Great look for you. It's soft, yet just a bit sexy. Love it!

  29. It looks lovely, I love the sparkles. You have a fabulous eye for colour. :)

  30. That lipstick color is so pretty on you! :)

    PS: I like your shirt :)

  31. It looks gorgeous on u!!the lip color is also fab!

  32. Love that look! The lipstick shade really suits you :-) x

  33. you are stunning and i love this look xx

  34. I'd been secretly wishing that you would do an eye make-up tutorial for sometimes now since I realized how my eyes seem to disappear in my pictures and couldn't find a good tutorial but you always impress me! Thank you for doing this post! I definitely love the glittery effect too!

    Have another awesome day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  35. Awwww thank you sooo much guys...I really love to hear from you!!:))))

  36. wow that's a pretty look created with just 2 eyeshadow shades! awesome job! am following your blog right now :)

  37. You look so classic and beautiful!!

    I am tagging you for a blog award:


  38. Great smokey eye! You look so pretty! I like your about me summary too.

  39. i like it so much!
    and you are very very beautiful!!

    lg yvonne

  40. Stunning look!
    I love the eye make up :)

  41. Hayhay!
    How are you? Your blog is great and I love your make up! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

    Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

    Thanks and love,

  42. very pretty! thanks for the comment :]

  43. you look like the indian actrice Aishwarya Rai.i am from Romania and i love the indian jewels and but unfortunaly cant find it in my country,id love to have some indian bracelets.I like your style,im a new follower.bye

  44. Stunning, Rakshanda! You are a true beauty! Love your FOTD posts! Hapy Diwali to you xoxo

  45. I love the soft effect you've created - really brings out your eyes! Very pretty!

  46. I love this! You look incredibly beautiful! The smokey eye look definitely suits you. xx

  47. This is my fav so far! Soft and natural!

  48. You look so pretty R! Amazing makeup, love it :)

  49. You are a beautiful girl and have such expressive eyes. This is a great look and I love greys, especially shimmery ones like these. Lovely!

  50. Nice post..Applying make-up never felt so easy :)And btw, u look gr8!!

  51. WoW so pretty. Grey makeup so suit you xOx

  52. are a very pretty girl and this is a great look...

  53. This is such a great look and you look fabulous! I am so happy I found this blog!



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