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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Botani Olive Repair Moisturising Cream Review

Botani Olive Repair Moisturising Cream Review, Indian beauty blogger, Chamber of Beauty
Hi everyone,
You all know that I like using natural skincare products. I have been trying lots of organic brands these days & currently I'm using products from the Australian skincare brand, Botani. You might have read my review of the Botani Olive Soothing Cleanser (HERE). In today's post, I would like to share my experience with the Botani Olive Repair moisturising cream.

What company says...

Give your skin the royal treatment with Botáni’s Olive Repair Cream. An intensive, daily moisturiser, Olive Repair Cream delivers deep hydration and healing to dry, ageing skin types and damaged skin due to environmental stressors. With a high concentration of Olive Squalene – Botáni’s signature intelligent ingredient, this highly penetrative and versatile cream can be used day and night offering multi-purpose benefits for optimal skin health.
  • Locks in moisture, providing long-lasting hydration
  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces the appearance of scars
  • Assists in the prevention of stretch marks
  • Relieve symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, redness and irritated skin

In the mirror of my own experience 

Botani Olive Repair Moisturising Cream Review, Indian beauty blogger, Chamber of Beauty

The cream comes in an olive green packaging box. All necessary information is given on the box. After opening the box we find the cream housed in a brownish glass jar. The jar is secured with a screw tight black lid. I found the packaging not suitable for travelling as the jar is made of glass and is quite heavy.
The cream is thick in consistency and has an herbal like smell that feels very refreshing. A little amount is enough to cover the face and neck area. The cream moisturising and hydrating very well. In starting, I was hesitated using this cream in this season but when I used it I found it great as a night cream. The texture is a bit thick but the cream gets absorb into the skin so quickly. I love how I get a smooth and refreshing effect instantly after application. I'm using it as a night cream for two weeks or more. I apply it after cleansing and toning and get a silky and supple skin every morning. 

It has really given a noticeable difference to my skin. My skin condition was not bad before using this cream but when you are going close at your forties you have to face different aging problems like sensitiveness, dullness, dehydration, pigmentation and of course fine lines and wrinkles. You need some products that are able to take extra care of yourself. And I'm satisfied with the result. My skin looks much younger and plump. I can notice a radiant glow on my face.  I can't comment on its effectiveness in treating Eczema or Psoriasis but on the fine lines, it really worked. I hope that long term use shows even better more results. This cream can be used on the face and body, night or day and is used for maximum hydration on a cellular level. Olive Squalene plays a crucial role in hydration, healing and rejuvenation of the skin.  

Good points
Fresh herbal fragrance
A tiny amount is required each time 
Sinks into the skin very quickly
Liven up the skin
Moisturizing the skin without leaving it greasy
Plumps and energizes the skin  
Makes my skin smoother, young and radiant 
Works wonder on dryness, dullness, and dehydration 
Reduces thin fine lines and wrinkles 
A little goes a long way

Bad points
Packaging, not travel-friendly
Can't be used as a day cream in summer

Overall it's an impressive product from Botani. The cream is true to many of its claims. It has given a great result in a few weeks that I really love. I'll recommend this cream if you have sensitive, mature and dry skin. Some may consider it a bit expensive but in my opinion after such results, it'll be a great investment. Isn't it?

Available HERE


What do you think about Botani Olive Repair Cream? Have you tried it? Which one is your favorite night cream?

Disclaimer-The product has been sent by the brand, but all opinions expressed are my own
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