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Friday, July 8, 2016

Beach Vacations Or Hills? Dress Up In Style With Our Best Picks (Guest Post)

Beach Vacations Or Hills? Dress Up In Style With Our Best Picks
It's vacation time! Heading towards a beach or a hillside? Chilling out on the sands and listening to the ocean music makes you relaxed and relieved from regular stress and works, but choosing the right dress might make you bit messed up. Grab some cool outfits which suit your taste and matches you.
Men and woman love to wear different types of clothing and which are fashionable and looks very trendy. If you are just baffled and in a dilemma what to wear this summer for a beach, here are a few of our best picks to choose.

Printed shorts with a cute tee :
A colorful pair of printed shorts and a cute tee will be the best sexy and comfortable outfit, it's a sassy chic dresses for women for all times. It always gives a casual look and makes them less messy. Tie up your hair and match up with a pair of cool sunglasses. Add up your style with a flip-flop around they are comfortable to walk and very easy to rinse off and round mirrored sunnies and walk by the sands on the beach.
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Maxi dress :
Ready for summer essentials!!. Look more feminine and elegant in a V neck maxi dress. You can make people go awe in this beautiful light colored maxi dress. Wear on the maxi dress in a very comfy, stylish and flattery way by adding some cool accessories. The wind gently flows through your feathery clothing to make you more at ease. Look more stylish with a  pair of aviators.
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Tie-Dye :
Tie-dye dresses are the perfect to be worn for your destinations. They look very casual and easy to carry on. There are innumerable variants of tie-dye clothing from scarves to tanks, choosing the right one makes you look gorgeous. The color textures make you more attractive in the sun. Add on a denim jacket if the cool breeze makes you shiver. Look more trendy with a beach hat.
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Pyjama look :
Pyjamas are no more restricted to be worn only on beds or at home. When models walk on ramps then why can't we wear and head outside? Ensure the material and designs are of good quality and trendy. You can mix it up with tank tops, regular t-shirts or blazers. It just gives a natural and a cool look if added up with a loose tee and large size goggles.
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Shirt-dress :
Many a time you need not look more stylish, sometimes your dress adds more sophistication to your looks. Allow your personality to shine in a lengthy shirt-dress, overall it makes you look girlish and modish. Spice it up with a chic glasses and a sun hat.
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Jumpsuits :
Jumpsuits are not just worn by carpenters and painters you can find models walking on the ramp which are voguish and trendy. The wisest choice is to wear a jumpsuit as it's made from stretchy cloth which makes to stay with ease.
D:\blogs\extra\beach vacation or hills\jumpsuit-multi-2.jpg
The design and the style make you look gorgeous. Spice with a lacy shrug which gives you a more feminine look. Add on with some metallic accessories and wear a pair of heels which is fashionable.
Wearing the perfect dress for the right occasion and place makes you look more elegant and sophisticated. Keep these thumb rules while you shop for a getaway towards the beach- wear something light coloured as dark colors absorb more heat, wear something light weighted for the cool breeze to get inside you, cotton and linen are the preferred as they are light in weight and easy to carry around.
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