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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sleek Makeup Lip4 palettes- review, swatches & LOTDs

After the quick preview of Sleek Make Up Lip4 Palettes I received a shower of mails in my inbox to write its review on my blog. But, no surprises there, because of the popularity & reputation of Sleek Makeup, I'm sure every one would love to know more about these new launches.

I had already introduced you all to these lip palettes last week HERE. These palettes will be available in six variants- Tease, Ballet, Show Girl, Siren and Mardi Gras will be available in selected Superdrug stores with Mardi Gras being limited edition and Havana being an online exclusive.

I had the pleasure of receiving two of the very best palettes(according to me) Havana & Siren, completely different from each other. I'll be talking about each of them in detail after discussing about the packaging!
Simple yet attractive boxes & elegant black cases inside. On opening the case, you find a mirror, the four colors & a small lip brush, making it a complete travel friendly quad! Although, you can opt to use a separate lip brush, however, the one provided along is not completely useless.


Both the quads have a combination of light-dark, matte-glossy shades  

First I'll take up Siren in detail:


Love me- This is one of the best lip shade i've ever had! It's completely red with orangish undertone. The texture is a mixture of gloss and matte. It's highly pigmented and spreads evenly on the lips like a dream without settling into the fine lines.
Desire me- A beautiful pink/coral shade, although matte in nature yet not like the traditional drying ones. Spreads out very evenly & doesn't settle in the fine lines.
Miss me- A gorgeous peachy orange shade which is quite similar to 'Desire me' in terms of texture & nature.
Kiss me-  Completely orange in color, matte, non drying. This one might settle a  bit into the fine lines, therefore needs a touch up after 2-3 hours.

Then comes Havana:

Cookie-A deep brownish wine shade. It's similar to 'Love me in terms of texture and finish. If you are a fan of deep shades, you'll really love it but I don't think it will suit me.
Rum- This is my favorite shade among the four, it's sort of brownish nude, matte but doesn't make my lips dry. Spreads out very beautifully.
Frappuccino- It's a beautiful shade, another favorite one. It's brown with red undertones which looks gorgeous after applying on the lips. The nature of the texture is same like 'Frappuccino.
Creme Brulee- It's a completely beige shade but entirely different in texture. It's glossy & has a thinner consistency.
Each quad features a single lip brush for applicator and a generously sized mirror. They are super travel friendly as the palette takes up to no room in your bag.

Both quads  have two glossy, creamy textured shades . The first shade has an amazing texture neither matte nor glossy and two others are very matte with satin finish. The creamier shades definately have a thicker texture so you have to use a lighter hand during application.A little transparent lipliner will make the application better and helps to keep them in place.
The staying power is different and depends on what shade you have applied, if you are going to apply the matte textured shades, you don't need to worry for more than 5 hours, but you will need a touch up after a few hours if you have applied the glossy ones.


One thing I would like to emphasize upon is that if you are planning to buy some of these palettes, then Siren & Havana should definitely be in your bag due to the variety of shades they have, while Siren consists of bold & bright shades, Havana is a collection of brown & neutrals. Almost all the colors that we usually require are present in these two.

I've used Frappuccino from Havana
Love me from Siren

Finally, I'm very very happy with these lip palettes. They are great in quality give you tremendous options to use different lip colors on various occasions.

Price - £8.99

Sleek Makeup Lip4 palettes are available on Sleek Makeup Website and many super drug stores in the U.K

COB RATING-  4.8/5

Have you tried any of these palettes, which ones are your favorites?
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