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Monday, March 4, 2013

Rouge Bunny Rouge Dramatic Lash Mascara in Oxblood Panache- Review, EOTD

I have used some other shades of mascara like brown, gray and violet apart from black but RED? No! And I think I couldn't even imagine to apply an oxblood shade mascara on my lashes before using Rouge Bunny Rouge Dramatic Lash Mascara in Oxblood Panache. When I first saw the mascara, I wasn't sure I'll ever use this mascara in my real life but after applying it I fell in love with this amazing mascara. It worked so beautifully on my dark brown lashes that I really couldn't believe for a while. I'll be discussing my experience with this mascara after writing some other points.
Rouge Bunny Rouge Dramatic Lash Mascara comes in a matte black  bottle with beautiful white flowers on it.
When I opened the bottle and saw the wand which is quite dense and thick and didn't seem comfortable for applying but after using it I felt very comfortable with it especially on my upper lashes but yes I admit that the wand is a bit thicker for my lower lashes.

The mascara is Oxblood red, somewhere in between a deep burgundy and medium brown & once you apply it, it doesn't looks awkward or anything as such that you might think on seeing it!I never thought that I'll get such neat and nice effect on my lashes, in fact it'll give better result on dark brown and black lashes in comparison to light color lashes because on dark lashes the effect looks more natural and beautiful.
The texture of the mascara is a neither thick nor runny, it's just perfect. It dries quickly and doesn't make my eyes messy at all and gets applied very easily.
Now I come to the effect of this mascara on my lashes, as you all know that most of the mascaras have completely failed to give a noticeable volume and length to my thin and flat lashes.Just a few high quality mascaras have given a satisfactory result to me but I'm completely happy to see its effect on my lashes. When I saw my lashes after applying the first coat, I was surprised to see the effect. The mascara had given a great length and volume  to my lashes and given a tremendous reddish brown color to them. Just one coat and this effect! I'm really impressed. I didn't apply another coat because I wanted to show this effect to my readers.


Finally, I have completely fallen in love with this mascara and want to use it again and again. You'll surely see me wearing this amazing product in my coming posts. The great thing with this mascara is that it gives sufficient length and volumes to my lashes without much effort which I really love. I hate to work out much with my lashes and give them so much time so it'll be a true friend for my coming photos. I want its original version(black) as well. The only problem is its thick wand which is not good for my lower lashes. Besides, it clumps my lashes a bit but not  much so I'm fine with it.

PRICE- €28.00

AVAILABILITY- Available on Rouge Bunny Rouge Online boutique and Zuneta

COB RATING-  4.9/5 
 So what do you think about Rouge Bunny Rouge Dramatic Lash Mascara in Oxblood Panache? 
Do you like to apply some other shades on your lashes? 
What's your favorite color besides black?

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