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Friday, February 1, 2013

Sleek Makeup falsies- review, EOTD

After a lovely sparkling festive eye shadow palette, Sleek Makeup has introduced something which can make your eyes more killer and attractive. If you have long lashes, you are lucky but ladies with thin and flat lashes like me, always want something which can make our lashes long and thick. For getting an instant effect we can apply false eye lashes. Sleek Makeup launched 8 new designs of false eyelashes,each pair is made with natural fibers and human hair so they feel soft and light on the eye and blend well within the natural lash line.

Sleek Makeup False Eyelashes are available now in eight different designs.




Rag Doll

Russian Blue




Russian Blue

I have Burmilla and Russian Blue , although I love both but Russian Blue is the favorite one between them.


Burmilla is made of thin hairs but in thick form, perfect for night occasions. This pair is very light weight and very easy in application.

Russian Blue

Russian Blue  is a lovely pair of false lashes, it can be used on many occasions due to its lovely shape. It has some gaps among the hair which gives it a beautiful shape and inspite of its thick form it can be used easily on many occasions. It's also very light weight like feathers.

Both lashes are extremely light weight which feel very comfortable after applying . They don't irritate your eyes at all and seem like a part of your own natural lashes. I think these are the lightest falsies of my lashes collection. After using them I want some more natural shapes lashes among them.

These days if you have noticed, I have almost given up using falsies because the glue sometimes irritates my eyes. I was in search of a glue which suits my eyes and after using Sleek Makeup glue attached with the pairs of lashes, I had to say 'WOW' that's the glue I was in search of, it dries up in seconds when used.It has a very thin stick inside which is attached to its cap which gives precise application.

Finally, I love these lashes and would love to apply again and again. I want some other pairs that give me a natural effect because these are a bit dramatic and can not be used when you want a natural and casual effect.

I'm wearing Russian Blue here

Available for $5.41 each
These are available now at

COB RATING-  5/5  
So what is your opinions about Sleek Makeup false eye lashes?
Which one is your favorite among their collection?

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