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Friday, August 5, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Haighlighting liquid- Review, Swatches & FOTD tutorial

Hi pretty ladies,

Highlighter plays an important role in makeup & being without an highlighter is something like a room with all precious decorations but no lights! I didn’t know it’s importance earlier, and never tried to use a highlighter on my face because I had been thinking that I don’t need any highlighter but after learning some makeup tips I knew that highlighter is an essential part of our makeup. It doesn’t make our makeup loud but it gives a healthy and glowing look to our face. It highlights the lovely features of your face and makes your face the center of attraction. Anyways, after knowing its quality I tried many highlighters available in our market and realized their effect on my face but if you ask about my favorite highlighter ever, It's none other than Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Illumination Highlighting Liquid in Sea of nectar. I realized its quality after using only first time. Till then I have applied it many times and on the behalf of my own experience I can say without any hesitation that it’s my favorite highlighter ever. Today I’m going to review this lovely highlighter.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Illumination Highlighting Liquid- Sea of Nectar

It’s a liquid highlighter which is seems a metallic gold and dark in shade but after applying it your thoughts & fancies will completely change. As it is a RBR it's not just makeup, it's also a healthy & useful treatment for the skin as it contains Melissa extract (a herb) to soothe, and Vitamin E to guard against aging.

What it claims

The moisturising surge of liquid pearls will dance whispers on your skin till dawn. Be as playful as the magical being that you are… you’ll still look as sublimely refined and urbanely elegant as the Moon itself. The tiny reflective particles will illuminate you anywhere you choose, with a sinfully quivering effect to quietly showcase your beauty. Bring fine-spun silver thrills by night or by day - to eyes, brows, temples, shoulders… No one can eclipse you, Moon Mermaid.

This multipurpose water-based fluid blends easily with moisturiser, or with foundation, to customise the look - to yours alone. Create an inside-out illumination effect and blend it to a thin, refined wash of pearls. Light fragrance of Cucumber with a touch of Peach Flower will add to your application pleasure. A quartet of shades with Melissa extract to soothe, and Vitamin E to guard against ageing. The highlighting liquid can be used alone or over moisturiser and as a highlighter, over foundation, too.


£45/ $70


I received it in a sample jar but I saw its real packaging on the RBR website and can tell that I have never seen such a beautiful packaging as this ever. Even the cardboard packaging look so classy and beautiful.

Inside it we find a frosted glass bottle with a lovely print on it that seems to resemble a myriad of lilac flowers with a black shiny cap. It's a pump out bottle which is very contented to take out your required amount of product.


It's a pretty metallic golden shade- Sea of Nectar. They also have the other 3 shades, Sea of Clouds (universally flattering white), Sea of Tranquillity (Golden pink with opalescent qualities), Sea of Showers (honey gold).


Sea of Nectar is a metallic warm gold, with very slight red undertones. It's neat because it has this high metallic sheen, but when rubbed onto your skin, it's luminous & illuminating.The texture is rather thick and creamy, not silicony at all. It can be easily sheered out and will give you a gorgeous fine fairy like shimmer that won't be noticed when it's on the face. It becomes a part of your face.


It's super pigmented. The tiniest amount will be enough to do the entire face.I got it in a small gloss jar but I think it'll be enough for me to last an year!

In the mirror of my own experience

The Sea Of Nectar is a bronzey tan/gold in the jar but after applying and blending it on the skin it becomes a part of the skin and make it luminous and glowing. You will only see the pretty champagne-gold shimmer but not a bronze tint when you apply it.
as I wrote before that I was quite worried when I first saw this highlighter after opening the jar because it was looking dark for my skin tone, I thought that it'll be a waste product for me but when i applied it first and saw the effects; Oh my God, that moment this highlighter became my favorite highlighter. I can't explain the effects of it, it made my skin not only glowy and dewy but it gave it a marvelous beauty which is hard to describe. You can only see it on my face in the pictures.
You can use it with your foundation but only a tiny drop will be enough for giving you a healthy & illuminating look. Don't worry, it doesn't give any effect of excessive shine and greasiness.
But if you want to get a complete effect of this highlighter, You'll have to follow the way to apply a highlighter. Apply it on the cheekbones, the cupid's bow, the bridge of the nose and don't forget to give a light touch on your brow bone.'s really great. The best thing is that it mixes with skin and none can imagine that you have applied anything special or extra on your face. It has really become an essential part of my makeup for special occasions.

Did a simple tutorial showing how i apply this RBR highlighter:

Final thoughts
No need to say any further, I guess. After using it I have realized the complete effect of any highlighter. I tried to use many highlighters but the difference which has been visible in me by this highlighter, made me accept the quality and specialty of a high class brand highlighter.


Hey, after reading my experience, is there anything left to express??

So what about you? Have you tried it? What do you think after seeing its effect on my face?

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