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Saturday, August 6, 2011

More false eyelashes from KKcenterHK & a summery eye makeup

Hey beauties,

Today I'm here with some more lashes which were sent by Maggie from KKcenterHK . In my earlier I had reviewed about their ES brand lashes but today I’m writing about their Ardell and Andrea false eye lashes. KKcenterHK has countless varieties of eye lashes, you can find so many different types of lashes & other stuff on their website which you can’t even imagine…anyways I’m not an ardent eye lashes junkie but some lashes really attract me.

Ardell Fashion Lashes

Ardell Fashion lashes are made from sterilized, 100% human hair. These sturdy strip lashes are reusable and easy-to-apply. Each package comes in a reusable box. Fashion Lashes come in 29 different styles (in black or brown) & are sure to have the style that suits you.

Ardell Eyelashes

These are black in shade. I preferred the no 107 and I really love it.

In the mirror of my own experience

Mostly I have used Revlon eye lashes but after that I tried some ES brand lashes and I satisfied with its quality. it was first time when I tried some Ardell lashes. When I first applied it I was surprised to see that how easily and quickly it got fixed on the lash line.I really love to see the effect of these lashes on my eyes. The best thing is that they are so light weight. You can't feel anything odd after wearing it. The band of these lashes is so thin in comparison to the ES brand thick bands so that it blends with my natural eye lashes so easily.

I’ve never had a problem with them and they are durable. Ardell are my favorite false eyelash brand after Revlon. It’s affordable and there are so many different lashes to choose from.

EOTD: I have used the shades from my Manly palette from KKcenterHK & these Ardell lashes

Andrea ModLash

The second which I chose was Andrea Modlash false lashes. These are long in length and give some dramatic effect to the eyes.

In the mirror of my own experience

This was the first time I had tried Andrea lashes. It got applied so quickly without any difficulties. It’s also very light weight. I can compare it with Ardell lashes without any hesitation. The quality is almost the same for both the lashes but one problem which I faced with both lashes are changing their original shape only after one washing. I washed them with a very mild baby shampoo and dried with a soft towel but I couldn’t get their real shape and that was so disappointing with both of lashes. I don’t know this problem is common or not but it's a very disappointing factor common for both, Ardell as well as Andrea.

EOTD: In my TBN eye makeup tutorial i had used these Andrea lashes

Now concluding from both here are the good points, bad points, rating etc:

Good points

They are very light weight.

They stay on for a long shape.

Have perfect length and the shape is ideal for my eyes.

Available in different designs and shape.

Looks natural & makes the eyes wider.

Never feel itchy and odd after wearing it .

I love their thin band which makes them so easy to apply.

The price is really very reasonable. Everyone can afford it easily.

Bad points

As I have already mentioned above, they becomes dis shaped only after the first wash. Any solution to this problem???

I didn't find glue with any of the lashes so I have to to use my own glue.




You can try them but should be very careful because they will soon lose their original shape.

So girls what do you think about these falsies?? Did you like the EOTD??

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