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Friday, July 22, 2011

Queen Cosmetics Lipsticks- Review, Swatches & LOTDs

Hi pretty ladies,

What’s going on? Hope you all are very well and happy. Ladies, now is the time when many festivals are gonna start one by one so you all must be a bit of concerned about your dresses, jewelries and of course about your makeup. So what’s new in your makeup box? New foundation, mascara, blush or lipsticks?

Lipstick word reminded me of the products that I’m reviewing today & that is something very adorable and gorgeous: 2 lipsticks from Queen Cosmetics so let’s start t he review!

Queen London lipsticks

These lipsticks are from Queen Cosmetics London, a brand highly famous from its skincare products for sensitive skin. Lipsticks are not a major feature of their product range; they are an area they are looking to develop in the future. Queen lipsticks come in a range of vibrant colors.


Queen lipsticks come in the following shades: Pink( magenta pink), Medium ( a sheer mid-red), Soft Pink ( bubblegum pink) Maize ( an orangey brown), Coral ( a pinky red) and Light Red ( a bright, slightly orangey red).

My shades

The lipsticks which I’m going to review are the two among the 6.These are in two shades, the first one is Maize, a light brown shade and the second is Soft Pink, which is quite near to a hot bubblegum pink shade.


The textures of both of lipstick are matte but moisturizing and velvety. These are completely moisturizing, you have no need to apply a lip balm before applying them. Even if your lips are dry, you will feel them quite moist just after applying this.




Castor Oil, Oley Alcohol, Candelilla Wax, Acetylated Lanolin, Alcohol Carnauba Wax, Ozokerite Wax, Lanolin, Beeswax, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Methylparaben , Pigments


The pigmentation is just remarkable. I have seen such pigmentation only in some very high brands lipsticks. You’ll presume that only from the fact that the swatches which you are seeing on my hand are only one swipes each.

In the mirror of my own experience

I was highly impressed by their pigmentation and super creamy texture only after swatching once on my hand. So I was eager to apply them on my lips and wanted to do it quickly. That day my lips were a bit dry but I applied the Soft Pink lipstick without moisturizing my lips. The texture was super creamy & it applied like a dream. I applied just one swipe on my upper lips and another one on the lower lips and got a gorgeous color. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my dry lips had turned completely moist. The creamy bubblegum pink shade was really looking so pretty. After removing the Soft Pink lipstick, I tried the second one and I got that quality-wise it was completely similar. The intensity of the color, the velvety texture all were the same. The orangey brown shade was my favorite. After applying 2/3 times these lipsticks have become my hot favorite but the only problem with it is the fear of them melting in the hot season. But anyways, it'll be safe in my refrigerator!

Good points

Super creamy and soft textured.

The pigmentation is great

No need to apply a lip balm before applying it as they moisturize them well!

Your lips will feel moist & smooth after applying it.

Only one or two swipes are sufficient to obtain the precise color.

The ingredients are super and high class. They are a mixture of natural and synthetic ones which are safe and effective for all type of skins especially sensitive skin.

The price is not much as compared to the qualities.

Queen lipsticks are shipped world wide so it is not difficult to get them. Just order your faves and they will reach you within two-three weeks very safely.

The swatches; 1 swipe each:



Bad points

The packaging is quite ordinary & simple. I wish it was more elaborate & fancy.

Limited shades in their collection.

Can melt in hot weather if you are not cautious.

Final thoughts

In the ending I want to say that I love these lipsticks. I got everything which I want from any lipstick. The all qualities which I desire from a high brand lipsticks. I’ll want to request from Queen Cosmetics to develop their makeup ranges and produce more shades in their lipstick range. I hope they will do so near future.

The LOTDs:




I highly recommend these lipsticks to my readers and friends. I’m sure after using these lipsticks you all would love them. But the condition is to try once…

Queen Cosmetics: Website & Twitter

So ladies, do share your thoughts with me...would love to know your opinion about these beauties!!!

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