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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lush Dirty Range- A preview

Clean, Fresh, Invigorating, Sexy

NEW! Dirty is uncompromising and fresh. Its clean, herbal character stands at odds
with its name. It’s a no-nonsense fragrance that hits you with intensely crisp spearmint,
thyme and tarragon, and the subtle smell of calm seas. Dirty is an invigorating, cathartic
breath of fresh air that stirs up something primal.

Resurrected from B Never too Busy to be Beautiful, Dirty is for people who care about
their appearance but can’t be bothered with too much paraphernalia in the mornings.
They are pretty active in their lives and want something to keep them smelling good
throughout the day.

Mark: “A real wake-up call, Dirty is choc-full of uplifting notes, including the fresh herbs
thyme and tarragon. Oakmoss and sandalwood are woody, but also very clean and a
little sophisticated, too. Basically, it does the business.”

Dirty takes the common idea of ‘layering’ with beauty products a little bit further. Mark
Constantine, comments: “We’re all used to layering – different products with supposedly
the same perfume. However with Dirty, we’ve created a new fragrance concept.
Layering in the old-fashioned sense is a bit tedious; it feels like it’s all about link sales.”

Simon decided to take Dirty as a complete fragrance and break it down to its individual
components, each of which is a beautiful perfume in its entirety. Each of these
fragrances was then used in a different product in the Dirty range. “I thought that if you
really want to harmonize yourself (in scent terms), you need to extract the different parts
(of the perfume) and put them in each product you’re using (in your grooming regime).
By the time you’re finished, you’ve put the fragrance together”.

Normally, grooming products will all have a different scent. However, this new concept
of layering means you can shower in invigorating spearmint and seasalt, shave with
soothing lavender, style hair with candellia wax and coconut oil and deodorize with
antibacterial thyme. Once all of these products with their individual fragrances have
been used, the combined scent will be that of Dirty, and can be topped off with the
body spray.

The Range:

Dirty Spring Wash Shower Gel ($9.95 for 3.3oz, $17.95 for 8.4oz, $26.95 for 16.9oz)
Don’t be a dirty rotten scoundrel. Recreate your very own mountain spring and wash
with this tingly, softening, minty shower gel for the body and hair.

Shaving Cream ($12.95)
Shave it all off using our ultra-softening oats and benzoin shaving cream. There’s also
lavender and honey in there to soothe any irritations.

Hair Styling Product ($12.95)
Refresh your coif with our conditioning and softening, firm hold styling product. Made
with fair trade coconut oil, linseed gel and balm herb infusion for the perfect just-got-out-
of bed style.

Body Spray ($19.95)
If you don’t have the time for a full-on Dirty routine in the morning, take a quickie instead
and spritz yourself liberally with this body spray before you head out the door. No one
will ever know.

The Dirty range will be launching in all LUSH stores the end of May!
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