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Monday, March 7, 2011

Chambor eyeshadow trio- Review & Swatches

Hi friends and lovely readers,
So here I am today with a new post and review which i had missed all these days. Hope it helps!!
Today’s review is all about another of my Chambor eyeshadow trio which I had bought almost one year ago. I love this trio and have used it many times so I wanted to show it to all of you.

I have written about its packaging before when I had reviewed another Copper trio so today I only want to say that this is an ideal packaging where you get everything you want, cute box which is very easy to open with a click, nice mirror, very helpful for makeup of your eyes even during traveling with a soft tipped applicator which is able to apply the shades on my eye lids.
I’m sorry it’s a bit messy from inside :p

I bought it for Rs. 450 but now the price is 475.
Now about the shades, it’s a trio so there are 3 colors in this palette. All are pretty and beautiful. The best part of these shades is neither the shades are very shimmery nor too matte. The texture is very soft and very nice in blending.

Shade one:
This shade is a reddish maroon one and very beautiful. You can apply it on your crease, outer corner and all over lid of your eyes as well. Very pigmented and soft. An amazing combination of shimmer and matte which looks beautiful after blending.

Shade two:
This one is copper gold which is perfect for the crease and outer corner of your eyes. This too does not have much shimmer in it so you can comfortably apply it on your eyes with your matching outfit. I have used this shade with black outfit many times. You can get an elegant look on using it with gold shadow.

Shade three:
This shade is silver and very different from the two and is a highlighter. It is not at all pigmented. You’ll have to apply it again and again to find the good shade.The texture of this shade is not soft. Not good in blending and very chalky. A lot of fall out during applying it but if you bear that fall out and be a bit patient, it looks very lovely on your brow bone as well as all over the lids.i have used it so many times you can see it in the picture.

Staying power:
Good staying power. It can remain for about 5-6 hours comfortably. I have applied it without base some times and it stayed easily about 4-5 hours. With base it stays for a long time.
The reason, I love this trio:
I love the pigmentation of the two shades.
Great staying power.
Love the versatility of shades. I can wear them easily with formal outfit as well as casual too because they are lovely combination of shimmers and matte.
The silver one is not very pigmented but I love to apply it with my pink and white outfit.
They give a very nice coverage and make my lids lovely.
There is no fallout (Excluding the silver one)
Love the soft texture of shades 1 & 2.
All of them define my eyes very nicely.
Price is reasonable.
Here are the swatches ( shades 1and 2 one swipe each and shade 3 3-4 swipes)
Inside with flash-
In sunlight-

The reason, I don’t love it:
The silver one is not as good as the other two. This one has disappointed me. I think in a trio, company should take care of the similarity of their shades. Some times only one shade can keep the customers away from lovely palettes.
Over all I love this trio and I have used it so many times and I’ve been asked many times about these shades so it’s one of my favorite.
Will I purchase it again?
Yes, I have already some trios from Chambor. I’ll really love to check out their new range of eye shadows.
Will I recommend it to others?
You should really try this trio.
So friends, tell me have you used this palette ever? What do you think about it? Would love to know about your experience !
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