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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How to Coordinate Prom Outfits With Your Date to Coordinate Prom Outfits With Your Date/article

Dressing to match your prom date can be a fairly daunting experience. It’s also one that can make an amazing impact on prom night. If you have already purchased your prom dress, it can be scary for guys who are inexperienced when it comes to fashion and coordination to find a complimentary outfit. This is especially true if you are fussy or have your heart set on what your date should wear to prom! Here are a few pointers to help you and your date coordinate for the big night.
Step 1: Colours
The first step is to really take a good look at your dress and the colours in it. Start by taking note of the base colours or the most common and prominent colour on your dress. Next, look closely at any accent colours, like tonal patterns, geometric shapes, swirls, or stripes that are on the fabric. Thirdly, inspect the detailing colours, like the stitching, that could offset your prom dress.

Step 2: Try to Match Fabrics
Since the early beginnings of prom, dates have been coordinating their outfits. Once you have your base colours in mind, take a long a swatch of the fabric, or your dress, to shop for your date’s outfit. First, try to find any matching accent colours, which are actually more popular and impressive to match. You don’t need to insist on the perfect colour match, accent colours tend to work much better.
Here’s an example: let’s say you have decided to wear a simple black prom dress that has a floral, coral-coloured pattern. In this instance, your date would look sensational in either a white dress shirt and coral coloured tie, or even a coral-coloured shirt with black tie.
Another example: you have decided to wear a beautiful lilac or mauve prom dress from that has silver streaks in the fabric. In this case, your date will look dapper in a silver shirt with a purple or mauve tie.

Step 3: Choose the Guy’s Outfit First
Here’s another alternative: let the guy choose his own outfit first and then help his date choose an appropriately matching dress. It is definitely a bold move, but many girls seem to appreciate when their date isn’t afraid to be confident with their fashion choices.

Step 4: Complexions
When choosing complementary outfits, it is important to take your and your date’s complexions into account. Fairer skin tones work well with lilac, baby blue, and pastel shades, whereas darker complexions work really well with teal, pink, neons, and greens. If all else fails, black suits are the accepted standard for such formal events.

In today’s times, prom dates don’t need to feel as though they are the wall flowers or permanent room fixtures while their date swans around in her perfect dress. Instead, make sure you sit down together and discuss what you want to wear and even decide on a style and complementary colours together. Even better, go shopping together to be sure to get your outfits just right!
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