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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Maybelline Volum’ Express Falsies Big Eyes Mascara: Review

Hi everyone, 
today I'm here with a new mascara from Maybelline. Excited? I always am excited before using a new mascara and when it's from Maybelline, the excitement and of course the expectation is increased ten folds. Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara  is a new mascara that promises to provide 360 degrees of volume to your top and bottom lashes for a wide-awake effect. Let's see if it's a hit or a miss!

Maybelline NY Falsies Big Eyes mascara- review, Chamber of Beauty

What company says...

 Revolutionary dual-ended mascara for 360 degree All Around Lash Glam. Two brushes specifically designed for top and bottom lashes. Special quick dry formula holds lashes in place.  Why you’ll love it: Now amplify lashes 360! The Upper brush pushes lashes over the top while the lower micro-brush grabs every tiny bottom lash for a full circle effect.  For best results: Apply the Upper Brush against the top lashes and sweep from root to tip until a clean, voluminous look is achieved, followed by the lower lash line using the Micro Brush.  Do not let dry between coats. Removes with soap water or with Maybelline Clean Express Eye Makeup Remover.

In the mirror of my own experience 


 Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara comes in a bright black and purplish fuchsia tube with some graphical design.  I love the spindle mascara tube , the graphics and the colors. It’s also neatly tightened. The two wands are on opposite ends and the fact that they are separately attached makes them lot more easier to work with, without any inconvenience! 

Maybelline NY Falsies Big Eyes mascara- review, Chamber of Beauty

Maybelline NY Falsies Big Eyes mascara- review, Chamber of Beauty

Maybelline NY Falsies Big Eyes mascara- review, Chamber of Beauty

The brushes

 This mascara is double-sided, comes with 2 brushes. One dense, helixed brush for the upper lashes to bring in volume and flair and another thin straight brush for the lower lashes to lengthen and separate. The brushes, as mentioned earlier are to be used separately.
The upper lash brush is quite thick , twisted,and in a spiral design. The bristles are all different lengths. I found that that this wand is supposed to be used with the "rolling method". After a few attempts I finally managed to get the most coverage and volume by brushing it backward from the roots of my lashes. After that I use it in a regular style to save my lashes from clumping. 

Maybelline NY Falsies Big Eyes mascara- review, Chamber of Beauty

Maybelline NY Falsies Big Eyes mascara- review, Chamber of Beauty

The bottom lash brush is very small and thin and is perfect for coating the bottom and corner lashes. I really love it doesn't apply too much of the product and separates my lashes nicely. Infact, this brush can be used for both top and bottom lashes for separating the lashes.

Maybelline NY Falsies Big Eyes mascara- review, Chamber of Beauty

Maybelline NY Falsies Big Eyes mascara- review, Chamber of Beauty

The formula 

The formula is  and is a super dark glossy black. It's nice, not too wet, not too dry.  It gives a nice curls, even though I think the formula is a little heavy that my lashes drooped a little when first applied.  But after two coats I found some length and volumes.  I also like that the shade Blackest Black I have here is really black.  It really makes your lashes show up more.

The best part of the mascara is definite the lower lashes side.  I don't normally wear mascara on my bottom lashes because most things smudge on me, but this doesn't do that.

Application & Effect

When I first applied the mascara, I liked the effect of it on my lashes. I noticed a considerable difference which was great.I found that The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara builds volume super quick even in first coat, but with each additional coat, expect some clumping. I used a lash comb for separating my lashes.   If you like to give your lashes a natural effect, one coat with this mascara is great. But for a dramatic effect you need some more coats and then comb through your lashes carefully. 
Does the mascara give some length to my lashes? 
No, & I'm really disappointed in that respect. So if you are someone like me, with small thin lashes, you should not expect this mascara to give your lashes any noticeable length.

It's almost smudge-proof and readily washes away with warm water.

Good points
The two separate brushes is a great concept - the upper lash brush builds volume well and the bottom lash brush is small and lightly coats the bottom and corner lashes.
Builds volume quickly and easily.
Deep-dark black formula puts emphasis on the lashes, making them more noticeable.
Super easy to remove with warm water. 
Doesn't pull the lashes out and doesn't leave residue behind.
Almost smudge-proof, close to its claim.

Bad points
Doesn't lengthen.
  Doesn't hold a tight curl - it weighs my lashes down slightly making my curl drop.


Overall, I really like this mascara, it definitely lives up to its family name, "The Falsies".  The lasting power is impressive and so is its ability to add volume to my lashes. But not being someone blessed with long, dense lashes, I might just prefer one that can add some kind of length & tight curl to my lashes over this. However, if you lashes are unlike mine, you can definitely give this a try because of it's various qualities! 


INR 599


Available at all leading cosmetics stores


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