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Friday, January 16, 2015

Rouge Bunny Rouge NOCTURNAL INK Satin Eyeliner - Review and Swatches,

Pen eyeliners have always attracted me. I have bought and tried many though after few applications was always disappointed with my decision to buy those. I of course don't say that all pen eyeliners are useless, yes few of them worked well, but just a few. From Sleek Makeup to Bourjois they have all disappointed me. Only the Milani pen eyeliner was one that has really impressed me . But after those experiences, I gave up trying pen type liquid eyelinersI love the look of them on others but I find that majority smudge, transfer onto the top of my lid and I can only get a really thick line that is extremely uneven. When I heard about Rouge Bunny Rouge New Nocturnal Satin pen eyeliners, I decided to give pen liners another chance, and that's when I got hold of the Rouge Bunny Rouge Nocturnal Ink Satin eyeliner in Blue Roan. I'll share my experience with this eyeliner after writing some short details.

What the company says...

Define eyes with complete precision, emphasising their allure, making lashes fuller. Luminous hues capture the sheen of a sylphs skin in a brilliant sateen finish while the unique slim, flexible applicator tip shaped like a brush, ensures unwavering strokes at all times. Your ultrafine or dramatic lines stay exactly where put yet can be instantly removed without trace, leaving the memory of your exquisite look etched in the mind forever.


In the mirror of my own experience 


As you all know about the RBR packaging so I'll not go into the details. It comes in a black and white floral packaging box. The liner is shiny, sleek black and in pen shaped style with a black cap. Very light weight and the cap is perfectly able to keep tight and secure the liner.


The Satin Eyeliner is available in three shades, 

Friesian – Soft black with satin finish 

Dark Bay – Deep ebony brown with satin finish 

Blue Roan – Midnight petrol blue with satin finish 

 Rouge Bunny Rouge Nocturnal Ink Satin eyeliner in Blue Roan is a perfect blue and really an interesting shade among the three.There aren’t that many blue felt-tip liquid liners on the market as far as I can tell, and the blue of Blue Roan is not very common at all! It looks more like a blackened blue like ink. The  and I love this shade on my eyes. It looks much darker while applying on the eyes as compared to the swatches on hands. 

Pigmentation &Texture

 The formula is perfect, it's quick drying  with a very long wear . They do not transfer, nor do they smear/smudgeI have very watery eyes and would say this seems water resistant. The pigmentation is great. As I've already mentioned that it looks much darker almost blackish blue on the eyes.

Application & Effect

 I find this Rouge Bunny Rouge NOCTURNAL INK Satin Eyeliner easier to apply. It spreads so evenly and works like a pen on the eyes. The applicator tip is slim and flexible which allows you to create fine or more dramatic lines.No need to work  with this liner. You can apply it without any tension. If you are not an expert in applying a liquid liner, it'll be so easy for you to work with this blue liner.

Lasting power

 I never expected so long a duty from this pen liner. But Blue Roan is a winner in terms of lasting power as well.I can go out for a whole day trip without any fear of smudging. 
I usually don't use a primer before applying these things, so you can imagine the staying power

Good points

Lovely packaging
Nice pen style shape with perfect tip
Easy to work with the tip
Beautiful inky blue shade
Easily applied
Fast dries without any tightening effect
Nice finish, define the eyes so well
Long lasting

Bad points

Expensive due to a luxury brand


I have been using a liquid eyeliner since a long time. During Muharram I used only kohls on my eyes but after that I first applied Rouge Bunny Rouge NOCTURNAL INK Satin Eyeliner and now I'm obsessed with this blue pen liner. Whenever I do my makeup, the Blue Roan is my first choice.
I can say that this is the best liquid pen eye liner I have tried, I'm really surprised to see how easy it is to work with the tip, how fast it dries without producing that weird cooling/tightening sensation, as well as how well it lasts! The shade itself is a great selling point as well. It is dark enough to define the eyes, but it is softer than black. I don’t think I’ve seen many similar ones, either! All in all, recommended! I would love to see more shades in this collection. I'll recommend my readers to try Rouge Bunny Rouge NOCTURNAL INK Satin Eyeliner. I'm sure you'll love this shade from this collection. 


€27.00    1 ml / 0.034 fl oz


Available at Rouge Bunny Rouge's online store



That was my experience with Rouge Bunny Rouge NOCTURNAL INK Satin Eyeliner, what's your opinion about this liner? Have you tried any of them? 
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