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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Get a taste of India...(Online shopping experience)

There are a couple of habits, one can't be cured of...isn't it? One such habit that I have is that of online shopping. I'm always in search of new websites to buy myself stuff. Fortunately came across this amazing online store- India Circus

A few words about them....

India Circus Retail Pvt. Ltd. offers contemporary-chic, sophisticated, and affordable style for various areas of your life, from home decor to personal accessories. With an All-Indian palette, we draw our inspiration from both Mughal Royalty as well as road-side chai. We offer a diverse and distinct array of moods and tones, which we feel represents India.

India Circus seeks to curate the essence of life in India, and transcribe this loud and colorful experience into contemporary and sophisticated style. From luminescent lamps to totes a la mode, we have a lot to offer for various corners of your life!

The vibrancy of the colors combined with the nuanced heritage of the designs makes each piece created at India Circus exceptional. All of our creations offer sophistication with a dash of 'Indian-ness,' without draining your wallets. 

I really love their collection of hand made things & the traditional touch in everything!
I shopped this beautiful eye catching wall clock from India Circus & altogether, the shopping experience was nothing but good! 

Fast shipping, extremely good packaging & helpful customer service is all that you desire from an online store & I got everything here!

India Circus ships worldwide, so all those who wanna get a taste of traditional Indian crafts can go ahead & shop from here!

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