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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Launches by Nivea

NIVEA launches A 5 minute one stop solution for ultimate face cleansing: Total
Face Clean Up

The youthful, and mega talented young star Parineeti Chopra is the new face of
NIVEA’s brand new face cleansing solution - NIVEA Total Face Cleanup. A product
under the Pure Effect range, this encompasses the benefits of face wash, face mask,
scrub, spot reducer and oil remover. This revolutionary new product from NIVEA
promises you a radiant look in just 5 minutes.

Total Face Cleanup from NIVEA, that Parineeti Chopra swears by,works on the skin on multiple levels giving it an unmatched radiance. Itwashes off the impurities with its deep cleansing action unclogs pores and removes blackheads with its mild peeling action. refines the skin’s appearance and fights the bacteria that cause spots.

All of this in just 5 minutes!

Speaking on this occasion, Rakshit Hargave, Managing Director of NIVEA India said,‘‘Face Cleansing is a fast growing category with a great deal of traction amongst the youth segment. Parineeti, who is a reflection of the youth of today is a great fit because she is a talented young actor who has carved her own place in the industry; there is a good synergy which we saw .Total Face Cleanup from NIVEA is quite a revolutionary product because it gives you five benefits in a such a short period of time that you can basically incorporate it in your daily routine quite easily’’.

The NIVEA Total Face Clean up is a blessing for even those who have a hectic lifestyle as it give you the benefits of an otherwise elaborate skin regime in a short time span. Grab your NIVEA Total Face Cleanup to keep your skin looking alive and glowing. It is available across stores and is priced at Rs 199 for 150 ml and Rs 99 for 50 ml

NEW! NIVEA Repair & Beauty for healthy and beautiful lips

A dual action product!
Women believe that beautiful lips are the ultimate symbol of
sensuality, so it’s devastating when they get dry and chapped. Chapped lips feel tight and we feel uncomfortable because we think that everyone’s staring at them. It can happen in any season because
the skin protecting the lips is extremely thin and has no sebaceous glands, so it is very sensitive to sunlight, wind and cold temperatures.
It quickly becomes dehydrated and loses its beautiful, healthy color.

New NIVEA Repair & Beauty solves both problems at the same time.
It has the Innovative dual-core technology for healthy and
beautiful lips

In addition to protecting and conditioning the skin it also adds a touch of color to make the lips look instantly healthy and beautiful again. The stick repairs dry lips, replenishes moisture and adds a rosy glow.

NIVEA Repair & Beauty unites care and color in one product. The white core
has a nourishing formula containing dexpanthenol, vitamin E, glycerin and
menthol. It is covered with a rosy external layer which restores natural healthy color to the lips.

Dexpanthenol is renowned for its calming properties and In conjunction with moisturizing glycerin, dexpanthenol binds moisture in the deeper layers of the skin so that dry and chapped lips can regenerate and turn healthy. Vitamin E is known for its anti-oxidative properties to work against free radicals and it actually helps to prevent moisture loss from the lips. Menthol is the ingredient responsible for the pleasant cooling sensation when the product is applied. “‘The conditioning core
doesn’t just protect healthy lips, it also helps to repair chapped lips and supports
the healing process,“ explained Dr. Frank Schwanke, Head of Product
Development Face Care and Lip Care at Beiersdorf.

The tinted external layer also contains a formula with conditioning ingredients such as jojoba oil
and shea butter, which helps to keep the skin soft and smooth and to restore smoothness to dry
lips. The pink pigments cover the lips with natural and healthy color.

Pick your NIVEA Repair & Beauty today and experience the innovation work wonders on your
delicate lips. Available at Rs. 149 in all stores in India.

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