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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Some lovely products from Born Pretty Store!

Hey friends,
Hope you all are fine and safe at your places, I want to wish a great and prosperous year for you. Today I have come here with some cute item from Born Pretty, if you are a regular reader of COB, you would have know this online store which has a great collection of products especially for nails and eyes.

Born Pretty Store is an online store located in Singapore selling various nail art and other beauty and cosmetic products. I picked these eyelashes because they remind me of those my gyaru idols are wearing But there are lots of other things worth getting such as: Acrylic Mold DIY Decorations for those who run their own deco business and Swarovski rhinestones which I'm digging myself! Not to mention the affordable prices! So if you are planning to decorate your nails, cell phone or something else - Born Pretty Store has everything you need.

These days I'm not much into false eyelashes as I'm satisfied with my own lashes but honestly I love to apply false eyelashes on my eyes on some occasions and I think all ladies who are not gifted long eyelashes naturally. No doubt, these lashes give your eyes a gorgeous effect.

 There are 3 items in total:  New Eyelash False Pretty Eyelashes, false eyelash applicator and false eyelash glue.
There are 10 pairs of lashes in one package and each package costs around $3-$8. (In euros that's 2,1 - 5,8!!). From stores you can get 1 pair for that money.
I found some downside in these lashes such as having to cut off the extra part they have, but it's understandable since the lashes are so cheap! They are really useful, if you use lashes a lot, after some applications, all false lashes either branded or not, become useless There are lots of different styles you can choose from here.
This glue can be used as a lash glue. The glue is nice to your skin as it is made to use on daily basis and the stick can actually be used to put pressure on your falsies to make them stay on place. :)

For me the lashes stayed on very well, I took them off at around 10pm at night and it was still difficult to remove them. So I can say that it's the best glue I've ever used! I don't think I ever need to worry about fake eyelashes getting loose again.

Fake eyelash applicator
I have never used a fake eyelash applicator and I think it is not something very necessary while applying. I still prefer putting them on with my own fingers but not sure of others. This is a nice thing to hold your lashes with while you are putting glue on them!  

 Manicure Bowl
Now the 4th item which is a cute manicure bowl set. It's a simple bowl with pink shade but actually very useful for home manicure. Fill the bowl with hot water, mix shampoo, rose salt and some drops of olive oil. Close the lid of bowl and soak your hand each of them. It's really helpful.

Finally, I love all products from Born Pretty, no doubt, it's an amazing place to buy some lovely products that normally are not available easily. If you think about some nail art products, this store is a paradise for your desires. They have many nice things at a great price! And guess what - there's also a coupon code on my sidebar: RCOBK31; that will get you a 10% of discout on everything you buy! 

 What products do you love from Born pretty Store??
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