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Friday, December 28, 2012

Illamasqua Empower Palette- Review, swatches

It's quite long, since I'd posted my Illamasqua haul but could not get enough time to write their reviews. After lot of request from my readers who want to know more about the Illamasqua products, I'm finally here with the Illamasqua Empower Palette from their Generation Q collection. The palette is a bit different from other due its combination of shades, it has two powder shadows, one pressed pigment and one liquid metal.The shades are beautiful and wearable too. 

But before writing in detail about this palette, I'm coming first to the packaging. Illamsqua Empower Palette comes in black packaging box, inside the paper box we find a shining black cas of a similar shape like other Illamasqua products. The packaging is very elegant & inside we find the 4 shadows & a mirror. The mirror proves to be really helpful, so this packaging is absolutely gorgeous & complete in itself!

 When I first I opened the case and saw the shades of shadows, my first reaction was not of much excitement because the shades seemed a bit common and boring but after touching them I came to know about their uniqueness and beauty. Illamsqua Empower Palette has four beautiful shades in it. 

The shadows are Blink (matte soft beige)and Synth (iridescent pale pink/purple with glitter).
 Fervent (a duochrome pressed pigment, this is reddish brown with blue/green shimmer) and Slick (a metallic charcoal with a hint of blue, this is a Liquid Metal). 

Now I'll discuss the shades of Illamsqua Empower Palette.
Blink is a fantastic all-over base shade. It has just a touch of rosiness to it, making it very flattering. Very pigmented, soft silky and blend like a dream.

Synth is absolutely gorgeous. It's less pigmented shade among the four,It didn't much visible on my bare hand, but it perfectly applied on my primed eyelid. This shade can be built up to be quite vibrant or applied lightly as a highlight shade.

Fervent is so stunning. I thought I'd be able to say how unique it is, snapped up this palette. It's a really interesting colour, but still completely wearable. I couldn't capture just how much blue/green shimmer is in Fervent, but trust me, it's a lot.It applies beautifully on the lids and gives a gorgeous effect to the eyes.
Slick is a charcoal Liquid Metal with a touch of blue and the tiniest touch of green. As with all the Liquid Metals it's extremely pigmented and incredibly easy to blend. It's quite similar with Sleek Makeup Molten Metal Eye Shadow Duo. Liquid Metals will crease on the eye if worn alone. Primer helps but if you are prone to creasing they work best as a base.

Among the four, Blink is my favorite shade, It's amazingly silky and soft that you can enjoy it while applying on your lids.
All shades are smooth, pigmented and blend beautifully. I didn't notice any fall out while applying them. They can last for even more than 7-8 hours if you have applied them after priming your lids.
Finally, I'm very much impressed with this palette, I got some very interesting shades in the same palette. You can create some  lovely wearable eye makeups with this small palette. The palette is a bit costly like all Illamasqua products but you get some thing which is worth the cost. If you want a palette with some gorgeous wearable shades, this one will be a right choice.

PRICE- £34

AVAILABILITY- Available on Illamasqua website and its counters. Illamsqua is having a massive sale these days, so don't forget to shop for your favorite items!

COB RATING-  4.7/5 
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