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Thursday, June 21, 2012

High Heel Bowknot sandals- My new love!!!!

After an amazing experience with my footwear shopping at last time, I decided to go for another pair of sandals from their enormous collection!
 And this time, I got hold of these gorgeous high heeled bowknot sandals which caught my eyes at the first glance itself!!

High Heel Bowknot Sandals Black

A pair of beautiful bowknowt sandals with high heels & buckles!!


900 Gm


US$ 9.73


I chose this black one, but these are also available in silver & golden colors which look extremely gorgeous!!

Heel height

11 cm

In the mirror of my own experience

I usually don't wear heels of more than 7-8 cm high, & even this time I hadn't thought that I would buy something like this. has a very big collection of shoes & as I was browsing through it, my eyes feel upon this pair of sandals! That was the end of my search & I quickly ordered for this! My parcel arrived in about 10-12 days packed safely in plastic & a carton. 


These sandals looks extremely gorgeous & sexy!!The beautiful shiny black look makes it even more gorgeous & elegant! The sole is red in color which gives a bold look & the light brown heels altogether look soo beautiful & compliment each other well!! The buckle adds to beauty of these sandals. Unfortunately my pair has both buckles slightly weird & I face a little problem with them as they don not close properly, so I prefer wearing these without the buckle only, which also looks just great!!! Oh & the bowknot, it looks soo cute along with the peep toe style, I really love bowknots!!! Do you??
I would love to try the golden one too as it'll also look very elegant!!!!


As I mentioned above that I'm not much into very high heels but still when I wore these, I found them quite comfortable, so if you are in a habit of wearing high heels, then these will surely be comfortable for you! You can feel them slightly cushiony which makes your feel comfortable & relaxed.The heels are strong & of a perfect width, if you want thin heels, & not too thin with which you can't walk properly.


Finally I would say that I really love these & frankly speaking these were like a love at first sight!!
This is one of the most gorgeous pair that I own at present! Moreover, they are so lowly priced, just for less than $10, I can never imagine getting something like this at this price in India!! But then that's the specialty of high quality things at dirt cheap prices!!




If you are in search of glamorous high heels, then this is definitely where your search should end!!!


Available HERE

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