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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Makeup Tips Based on Your hair color- Guest Post

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Makeup Tips Based On Your Hair Color

You already know that the color makeup you wear is highly dependent on the color of your eyes and on
your skin tone. But did you know that your hair color also plays a role in which colors will look good on
you? Here are a few tips on which shades will look good on you based your hair color.

Natural blondes have a harder time selecting makeup than brunettes and redheads because they can easily get washed out if they use the wrong color or even look inverted.

A few general guidelines for blondes to follow are:
Bring out your eyes with soft eye shadow colors such as pink, apricot, grey and plum. Use the darker colors to highlight the creases of your eyelids.

If you have blue eyes then it’s best if you stay away from blue eye shadow, but if you absolutely love and have to wear it then make sure that the color of shadow you choose is a couple of shades lighter or darker than your eye color. This way you won’t look like you’re entire eye area is one big mush.

You can apply brown or black eye liner if you want to go the traditional route however if you want to really dazzle try some dark blue liner.

Use black mascara for a more dramatic look.

If you need some color in your cheeks use a light shade of pink or apricot, but be careful not to overdo it or you’ll look clownish.

Natural looking lipstick looks great on you, light shades of pink are pretty and red turns you into a gorgeous siren.

Brunettes have it the easiest when it comes to makeup- especially when they have olive skin and brown eyes to go with their dark hair. If you’re a brunette then you can really play with your makeup to create some vibrant looks.

As far as eye makeup goes, the sky’s the limit for you. All you really have to do is spend some time at your favorite makeup counter to decide which shades you prefer.

If you have brown hair then you can wear brown mascara but if you have black hair then you should use black mascara. You should keep your lashes natural looking to look your best.

You can apply a rose or brown blush to add color to your cheeks, but what’s really going to stand out on your skin is bronzer. The extra dose of shimmer and color that you get from applying bronzer can never be matched by blush.

Copy J Lo and show off that pout with natural looking lip gloss or go Hollywood glam by applying a bold colored lipstick in wine or hot pink. Like we said before- you really can’t go wrong.


Red locks pack a big punch and are absolutely beautiful.
To bring out your eyes try brown, taupe, forest green, silver and lilac.

Stay away from pink because it won’t do anything for you.
Use brown mascara and eye liner but stay away from black. It simply looks too fake.
Use apricot and peach to highlight those cheekbones.
A beautiful apricot or a wine red will look gorgeous on any redhead.

Whatever color hair you have we know that you’ll look great.

This post was written by Aleya who writes the blog for LI Beauty School which is a beauty school college and Hair Design Institute which is a hair and makeup school with locations throughout New York and Florida.

Thanks a lot Aleya, for writing this lovely, informative post for the COB readers!!! I hope everyone enjoyed this post!

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