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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Copa Cabbana Signature Blend Body Lotion- review, photos

Our skin usually get's subjected to dryness in winters but if we start taking care of it from  the beginning, we'll never get bothered from this problem even in chilly weather. Oiling and massaging with some good oil and body lotion are the best ways to save it from dryness. There are many body lotions available in the market from various brands but only few are able to justify our needs. In this post, I'm going to introduce you to an exciting brand Copa Cabbana and its Soy Bean Body Lotion which can help our body from dryness in this winter.

Copa Cabbana Signature Soy Bean Body Lotion
Copa Cabbana body lotion is a good body lotion contains some useful and natural ingredients which are great for our skin.

What Copa Cabbana says...
 Copa Cabbana’s body lotion contains soy bean extract, shea butter, cucumber extract and corn protein. This milk body lotion will leave your skin feeling, soft, smooth and healthy looking.

250 ml but the one I got is of 60 ml
 $16 approx. or Rs 790 (250ml)

Soy Bean extract, Shea Butter, Corn Protein, Copa Cabbana Signature scent fragrance (Floral Scent), Cucumber extract.


The 60ml bottle which I got has a very ordinary packaging with a silver cap & overall it looks somewhat like a syrup bottle. But the 250ml one which you can buy has a pretty nice packaging which is a pump out one. Not exactly comfortable to carry around.


The texture is very nice neither thick nor runny. Very nice for massaging on the body.

In the mirror of my own experience
When I first saw Copa Cabbana Body lotion, I was a bit disappointed to see its ordinary packaging but when I opened the cap for applying the lotion, the fragrance pleased me so much. I really love its floral smell. The texture is fine neither thick nor runny, very nice for massaging the body. I hate the runny texture of some of the body lotions. I gave a light massage first on my hands and noticed that my skin absorbed the lotion so quickly and I got a soft, smooth and silky skin as a result. I have been using it regularly after bathing and clearly noticed that my skin has become more radiant than before. I never felt my skin oily after massaging it. It contains some very effective ingredients such as shea butter, corn protein and soy beans which are good for skin.

Good Points
Lovely floral fragrance
Great texture which makes the skin soft and smooth.
Moisturizes the skin perfectly.
Doesn't make my skin oily at all.
After using it regularly my skin becomes supple and silky.
Suitable for all skin types and great for every season.
Product worth the price.

Bad points
I don't like the packaging. it should have been more attractive.
May be a bit greasy for oily skin in summers.

Finally I'm very happy about its quality. It has everything which one expects from a good body lotion. It's perfectly able to make the skin soft and supple. I'll really want to buy it again.



If you are in search of a body lotion which not only makes your skin smooth and healthy but also doesn't make it oily, this is perfect for you. I think you should try it once.


You can buy this body lotion from Copa Cabbana's website. They ship worldwide and the products reach safely and in time.

Copa Cabanna- Website, Facebook
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