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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Born Pretty Store products - Review, LOTDs, pics & more...

Hi beautiful ladies,

Today I’m going to show you some products from Born Pretty Store. It is an online store about which I've already introduced you earlier.

First one is an interesting product which can be very helpful in doing makeup looks even when I want something different or even an odd look..hahha..hey sometimes I do experiment with my looks. This is a 30 Color Lip Gloss Gel Lip Sticks Makeup Cosmetics Mirror which is sent by Born Pretty Store.

  • 30 Color Lip Gloss Gel Lip Sticks Makeup Cosmetics Mirror

30 different gloss & lipstick shades are present in this palette along with a mirror.

The numbers indicate the shades used in the LOTDs



I love its packaging. It’s very comfortable to carry out.

It seems like a compact file which is very light weight. It opens like a file and inside it; there is a mirror on the above portion. The shades are covered with a transparent plastic shield for protection.

In the mirror of my own experience

On seeing it for the first time I loved it’s packaging and different shades. Some shades which are not commonly available in India are also present in this palette. It’s not a costly palette so I was not expecting much from it. After applying some shades on my lips, I realized that some shades look lovely but some are so weird especially the milky pink one, looks like a tooth paste on my lips. I was very disappointed but some shades like pink, brown, peach, red and copper etc. made me satisfied. I’ll not tell that it’s a great product but sometimes will be helpful in makeup. It’s cheap in cost so the beginners who want to experiment with their looks can try it.

Good points

Very nice packaging, so easy to carry along.

It gives lot of options to apply different shades on your lips.

The quality of some shades is really good like the 2, 3, 4, 5th.

If you want a lighter shade you can mix the initial one with the white shade to get a lighter version.

The mirror is helpful in applying the shades.

You can make your own shades by mixing others.

Bad points

Some shades are really bad & look like tooth paste....give a very bad finish.

No brush is provided with this palette for applying the shades.

Some shades are useless in this palette like the green, black etc.

There is absence of some shades like purple, violet etc. Even the brown range is less.

Here are some LOTDs which I tried using this palette...which one do you like?

Final thoughts

Overall it’s an OK sought of product. As far as the price is concerned you can give it a try once coz some shades are beautiful!!




If you can ignore some bad quality shades, you can try it for experimenting because some shades are nice and look pretty on the lips. The quality of some shades is good.

I love using false lashes so thought of trying some falsies from Born Pretty Store as well & these are the ones that i received. These eyelashes come with a professional white eyelash glue. They are easy to apply & give a nice natural look & aren't very dense. The white glue; Eye Charm, is very impressive as it comes with a helpful applicator and makes application of falsies very easy & quick. A good choice to try out at a price of only $4.16

So this was all about the false eyelashes from Born Pretty store. They have many more so you can order your fave ones!!

  • And finally we get onto the last product that is Youthful Light Blue nail polish

Net Weight

16 ml



As you all know that born Pretty Store mainly deals with nail polishes & nail art stuff, so this time I thought of trying one of their nail polishes. This was a beautiful color so i chose this. Glides on smoothly & gives a flawless finish. It's a gorgeous shade so I'm giving this nail polish in my 700 Followers giveaway.

Check out more beautiful nail polishes of all ranges- Here


Finally i can say that all these products are pretty satisfactory. Born Pretty Store products reached me in 14-18 days only & the package arrived very safely. So don't hesitate much & order some great nail art stamps & other stuff from Born pretty Store.

Check out their website- HERE

Born pretty Store on Twitter, Facebook

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