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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sure dry shield anti perspirant Roll on- Review

Hi ladies,

I’m sure you must be busy in your Valentine Day preparations. But as far as I am concerned I’m really frustrated due to frequent power cuts in my city these days. I was really proud of my city coz power cuts were so rare here coz from them not even the Indian capital Delhi was spared but here we all had a great time. But for the past few days I’m really troubled coz of them. I wasn’t able to read my favorite blogger’s posts…sorry guys :( :(

But anyways I’m back again with a new post on Sure dry shield anti-perspirant Roll on.

I hadn’t heard much about Sure…or truly speaking…almost nothing!!! But as I really suffer from underarm sweating I thought why not give this product a try!!

And finally I did and the experience was amazing!!!

No sweating in the underarms and I couldn’t believe it!! :-D

This product really works well….Once i went to the market in June and when i came back I sweating all along my body but guess what??

My underarms were totally dry coz i had applied this Roll on.

This product is very handy.

It’s so easy to apply it and it smells wonderful!!! <3

it’s available in two types- Passion & Spirit and I bought Passion.

Price- Rs 65 ONLY!!!

Rating- :-D :-D :-D :-D /5

This product is a must have for me in summers and if you sweat in summers ( underarms of course) it’s a must have for you too.

So what do you think ladies? Have you tried this product?
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