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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Celebrity makeup 2- Katrina Kaif

See this picture. What do you feel? Don’t you appreciate her makeup artist? Makeup which brightens and beautifies your face and yet doesn’t show. Natural makeup can make amazing changes in our faces.

No doubt that Katrina Kaif is naturally beautiful but wrong makeup often destroys her beauty but right makeup grows her beauty like a bright moon.

In this picture Katrina has wore a white outfit and done a subtle and lovely makeup.

So if I try this makeup on my face what products will I use, take a look.


Moisturize my face with Shamoist first

Apply Revlon Color stay foundation on my face then a light touch of Revlon colorstay concealer wherever I need it. A light touch of Revlon mineral powder as well.


Chambor stick foundation to prime my eyes

I’ll take a light peach shade from my VOV palette, apply all over the lids and will spread it in the outer corner of my eyes, then take silvery white shade for the brow bone, apply and then blend them perfectly. I’ll apply a thin line of peach shade in the lower lash line. I’ll not apply eyeliner here, but wear a natural eye lashes from Revlon or ES brand. I’ll apply one coat of mascara from Revlon.


I’ll apply light peach blush from Chambor blush duo and blend it.


I’ll use peach Revlon lip liner for outlining my lips then fill it with a nude lip-gloss from Lakme.

So this was today’s Sunday celebrity makeup post…hope you liked it. Will be back a new celebrity post next week.

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