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Monday, February 21, 2011

Maybelline Dream Mousse Bronzer- Review & Swatches

I have always adored Maybelline products. Their products do not only have a good quality but also in the limit of a common woman because all products have a reasonable price. I have a lot of Maybelline products and most of them are nice in quality. I particularly love their dream mousse products such as the blushes and now add this Dream Mousse Bronzer to the growing list of my maybelline favorites.

I bought this product two months ago but have used it only once and I’m very satisfied with its result.

Maybelline mousse bronzer-

This bronzer comes in a glass jar which is cute but a little bit bulky to carry out on my purse. The lid of the jar represents the shade of the bronzer. I’m not so sure but it comes in three shades gold copper and bronze. I bought this gold one.

What it claims-

Maybelline claims that the air whipped nature of this products ‘allows you to build up as much color as you like’.

How to use-

This ‘sun kissed’ bronzing mousse, as it is referred to on the lid has light and fluffy texture. The texture of this bronzer is creamy with shimmers. The bronzer itself is applied using your fingertips and very easy to apply although if you are out and your hands are not enough clean, use a light sponge for applying it.

Where to use-

According to Maybelline this is for the parts where the sun naturally catches you skin

so the bronzer can be applied on the cheeks, eyelids, chin, forehead, neck or chest, especially the places where sun catches your skin and can give a very elegant light shimmer effect.

For best results-

With your fingertips, pat a small amount of bronzer onto the apples of your cheeks, bridge of nose or wherever you want a summery glow. Use feathery strokes to blend gently. To build color intensity, apply more bronzer.

In the mirror of my experience-

I have used it only once before Muharram and I applied it on my cheeks, neck and my arms and believe me the effect was beautiful. Hey the sun couldn’t kiss the places as it was night but yes the electric lights had given an elegant effect and I enjoyed the views which had noticed something different in me.

in the sun light

It can give a very pretty look in the night parties or functions. Yes, you can apply it on your cheeks, chin, foreheads, neck, chest line, belly and arms in sunny days but make sure that you have blended it well. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll prefer applying it only during night occasions.


Anyways, I can call it another favorite product of my Maybelline cosmetics. I love it’s effect on my cheeks and arms. If you apply it on your face during any night parties with foundation, the glow of your face will make you look healthier and beautiful. The glow will be natural not over. Very easy to apply, just open, touch with your finger tips, put and blend. You can apply it even in a hurry.


I’ll give 4.75/5 for this product. So how is your experience with this product? Have you felt any difference after applying it? I’ll really love to know.

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