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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FOTD but without makeup!!

I’m touched, I’m really really touched after reading this mail sending by my 13 years old reader Zunaira from Pakistan.

Here what she wrote to me- I love your look, what if you couldn’t apply makeup on your face. I’ll love to see you without makeup.

I can’t even believe that such a young girl will be in my list of readers. I have been getting many mails in which my readers wanted to see my look and I always told them about the reason but this innocent reader has left me unanswered.

Sometimes it seems really unbelievable to me that my readers love me so much. When I started blogging that was just time pass to me. I didn’t know about the blogging world, neither about followers nor readers but when I got the first mail of one of my readers i was very happy and did all to reply her and please her :-D

Gradually a lot of mails started to come in my in box in which my readers show their love and passion for me and my posts. i love all of them and always try to reply them.

I have already told about the reason due to which I’m unable to post any makeup look. Guys I repeat again that Muharram is a very sad occasion for all Shia Muslim community. During these days Shia women stay away from makeup and jewelries and even colorful dresses. It is a very very sad period for us which lasts for about two months. I hope now you are aware of it now.

Hey, now I want to say some words about my lovely sweet reader Zunaira. She is from Peshawar, Pakistan. She uses internet sometimes and very fond of Bollywood’s heroines like Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai. I’m sure she must be soooo pretty. Love you dear! <3 <3

Ok this is only for you honey otherwise my blogger friends would never wanted to see me without makeup :( …hahaha!!! :-D


Shamoist moisturizer

So ladies this is how I look without makeup!! Plz don’t be afraid… :-D :-D

What do you think??

Have a great week and enjoy the upcoming weekend <3

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