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Monday, November 8, 2010

Pears Cleansing Facewash- Review

Hi pretty ladies 

A new week has begun and everything is back to its normal.

Today I'm reviewing Pears Fresh and Gentle Cleansing Face wash

Price: Rs 50 for 60 g

Has exfoliating beads. Soap free washing preparation.

How to Use: Squeeze a little gel on your fingertip. Apply on face and work up a lather. Use daily for best results.

My experience:

1. I bought this facewash around four days ago coz I was not very happy with my Neutrogena one.

2. I have been using Pears bathing soap which gave me good results so I wanted to try this out.

3. It has exfoliating beads which are really good as this works like a light scrub.

4. The smell is not very pleasant but it's okay.

5. Removes non- waterproof makeup very easily but waterproof  not very easily but still works...So I would not call it bad.

6. Not too expensive...worth the product.

7. Like the packaging.

8.The good thing is that it works for my normal skin and keeps it from being dry.

9.Very gentle and light in texture, not harsh for skin.

10. Also available for oily skin.

11. Produces lather easily.

Worth a buy: Yes and I would recommend it you guys also.

So have you tried this product? Which other face washes have you tried?



  1. I am yet to try any pears face wash. Very tempted to do so, although.. I am currently using a khadi facewash - it is red in color, can't remember it's name now. It is quite nice.

    Btw, thanks so much for the warm welcome & the very sweet comment on the blog.. means a lot to me :D

  2. Thanks Tanveer but I was really missing you...I don't know why, but you are my favorite blogger...haha

  3. never tried this one before, but it sounds good :)

    Im using the products from Biotherm :)

    xoxo Christine

  4. I use head and shoulders as a face wash :/
    I thought the "head" in head and shoulders .. does includes the face too :|

  5. nice review. have not seen this product in here yet. will definitely look out for it.

  6. @ imw: You should surely try this's really good.

  7. I had seen this but I was worried that it will be too harsh. Good to know that it removes makeup. I always look for that in a cleanser.

  8. I will do a little research about the MAC cream, need to try it :)

    xoxo Christine

  9. ooh another great review :)
    loving your blog!

  10. ooh I want to try this now! I'm looking for a new face wash, so might give this a go

  11. @ Pretty wonderful: Yeah should try this...It's really good!

  12. @ Poohkie: No it is not harsh...Try it.

    @ Laura: Thanks!

    @ R May A: Thanks:))

    @ Hiven: Thank you...Yeah I'll surely check it out.

  13. Another awesome review! Does this one giving the mint feeling on our face? I like those sort of products, so refresh! I only used mine like once a week lol so lazy.

    Have a delicious day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  14. I will have to try:)

  15. try Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Daily Cleanser :) its a really good product

  16. @Nadine Natalin- I have used Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Daily Cleanser but It makes my skin dry and even i don't like it's smell.

  17. i needed a review for this...thanx for this !!!!
    i wl surely buy this :)


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