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Monday, May 17, 2010

Our skin....

Today we will talk about the structure of the skin.

The skin is the most intriguing organs of the body. It performs many important functions and highly efficient. It is essentially a covering, but does much more than merely hold us together. It also eliminates waste matter and regulates & maintains body temperature. It reflects the state of our internal health and our emotions so faithfully. Depending on the part it covers & the function is expected to perform, the thickness & sensitivity of the skin varies. The skin of the scalp, palm & sole is thick, but the skin on face, lips & genital organs is thin, sensitive and soft.

This living, breathing organs is extremely tough & yet, so soft, resilient and flexible.

Broadly speaking, the skin has two layers-----the epidermis, which is most superficial layer & the dermis or inner layer.

Distributed between these two layers is complex system of nerves, blood vessels, oil glands, sweat glands, sensory cells, sensory nerve endings, hair follicles. Sensations, pressure & every type’s pain are promptly conveyed by the skin’s system of nerves.

So friend we will talk about epidermis in my next happy n enjoy..


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