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Monday, July 21, 2014

Sleek MakeUp Limited Edition Rio Rio I-Divine Palette: Swatches, Review & EOTD

Hi everyone,
The Rio Carnival of football world cup is over now, Germany has won the prestigious FIFA world cup and the celebration of this achievement still continues out there and fairly so, they deserve it! I have been extremely busy these days due to my hectic work schedule and of course Ramadan' fasts so couldn't do my posts regularly but after a long gap, I'm going to post this colorful palette's review from Sleek Makeup. 
The Sleek MakeUp Limited Edition Rio Rio I-Divine eyeshadow palette is inspired by the vibrant colors of the Rio Carnival celebrations and everything that is Brazilian, paying homage to Brazil since they were hosting this year’s FIFA World Cup.  I wanted to post it during the world cup but unfortunately couldn't do it at that time, it's late but not too late because the reminiscence of the game is still in there ...isn't it?

In the mirror of my own experience 


So,  start with the packaging.. its amazing...isn't it?! Just look at those colours, brightens up the day making it a really special Limited Edition palette. 
On the inside of the colourful packaging is the same matte black palette with a golden print in the corner. Inside the palette you get the lovely wide mirror and an applicator. The packaging of this palette is exactly how their usual palettes are, simple yet beautiful & appealing!


     As usual the palette has 12 beautiful shades with their names. It's a great mixture of deep, bold and light shades, though I would say the priority has been given to the bold and bright shades. After Del-mar-i divine palette that was a collection of pastel colours, this palette can be used for festival or night parties. But not just night functions, you can easily do different looks with this palette to make it suitable for day time also.
Here's a quick view about the shades nature and their formulas.

LtoR, Tropic, Night Fever, Ipanema, Caipirihna, Urca, Leblon


This is a deep bright matte orange shade. The pigmentation is really really amazing, we can't expect this pigmentation from a matte shade. The texture is super creamy and soft. I haven't thought about the combination with which it can be used, I have a lot imagination on which I'll work later.  It does have a bit fall out that is not a big deal with a matte shade.

Night Fever

Another bright pink matte shade. The texture and pigmentation is very similar like Tropic, soft, smooth and blendable ! I would love to mix it with black, blue and white. 


It's a burnt burgundy with lovely shimmers. It's one of my favorite shades.  The texture is such that I love to apply this shade with and without primer. With primer it looks glamorous for night occasions, but it gives a light sheen pinkish effect without primer that looks really gorgeous.


Oh, I love this shade, it's light green with beautiful shimmers. One of my favorite shades from this palette. It has soft creamy formula with great pigmentation. It blends like a dream. I have created my first eye makeup with this lovely shade by mixing with Night Fever and  Cachaca. 


Another favorite shade, this shimmer champagne can be used with many bright shades from this palette for giving them a contrast and a good balance. Great pigmentation, creamy texture and superb with blending.


A must matte black shade that was missing in Del-mar- i divine palette. But this black matte shade gives great opportunity to create some smokey eye makeup for night occasion. It's also soft , smooth and has no fall out at all. 

L to R. Cachaca, City of God, Copacabana, Sao Conrado, Bosa Nova, Leme


White with shimmers, very important shade that can be used with many shades, you can use it on your brow bone for highlighting and  in the corner of the eyes. Has amazing pigmentation, with creamy and buttery texture.

City of God

It's a very bright yellowish gold shimmery shade. Can be used for a bold look. Perfect for using on some special occasion with many shades and even alone too. It has great pigmentation, so soft and creamy texture and easy to blend.

It's a satin nude-sand color, perfect as a transition shade to blend out the colors, it doesn't really show up on my skin tone but does the job marvelously. The texture is creamy with great pigmentation. Would love to apply it on my brow bone and mix it with deep shades for giving them a lovely contrast.

Sao Conrado

Another pinkish coral but lighter with matte and pearly finish. The texture and the pigmentation are very impressive, making this another favourite of the palette!

Bosa Nova

The third favorite from the palette, it's purple and with satin finish,  almost duo chrome with blue shimmer. Like other shades from the palette it has amazing pigmentation with soft creamy texture.


My most favorite shade from the palette. It's deep navy blue shade with shimmers and satin finish is what appeals most. Similar to Bosa Nova, it's got a fantastic texture, making it all the more attractive!
A combination of Bosa Nova & Leme would look really beautiful!

I have used Caipirihna and Ipanema on my lids and Cachaca on my brow bones.


I'm very very happy with Rio Rio palette. . The colours are all amazing, there isn't a dud shade there! As you can see from the swatches they are all vibrant, super pigmented with a pearly and satin finish. The texture are soft, smooth and buttery. All shades are extremely pigmented, there is not a single letdown in this palette. The collection of colours is very well balanced. You can create many many eye makeups with these stunning shadows. I created the first eye makeup with this palette and chose my favorite shades- Caipirihna and Ipanema. I applied Cachaca on my brow bone to highlight it. All shades blend amazingly. I have used these shades without any primer because I wanted to see their effect without primer. They have strong lasting power of about 5 to 6 hours without primer. I can imagine that they'll last whole day with a primer very easily. Overall it's an amazing creation from Sleek Makeup. I'll strongly recommend this to my readers and friend to keep this palette in their collection. This world cup was surely a disappointing one being a Brazilian supporter but this palette has won my heart completely.




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What's your opinion about Sleek Makeup Limited Edition Rio Rio I-Divine Palette? Have you used this amazing palette?

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