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Friday, July 11, 2014

Sleek MakeUP Brush Set - Review

I always love a travel friendly makeup brush set.The new Sleek MakeUP Brush Set is precisely that... an essential set of 7 travel brushes that come housed in a snap close brush roll. The brushes are a mix of synthetic and natural fibers with the perfect soft bristles. Today I'm going to review this new brush set from Sleek Makeup.

What Sleek Makeup says....

Sleek MakeUP Brush Set is made from synthetic fibres, containing 7 brushes designed to help you achieve the most flawless makeup application no matter how simple or dramatic the desired look is.
The brushes are neatly stored in a travel-friendly pouch for convenience and ease.

In the mirror of my own experience


Sleek Makeup brush set comes in white packaging on which you can see all brushes with colours all around.  Inside the package the brush set comes in a black pouch. 
The Sleek MakeUP Brush Set includes:
Foundation Brush
Powder Brush
Blush Brush
Eyeshadow Brush
Eye Contour Brush
Eyeliner/Brow Brush
Lip Brush

The pouch they come in is an easy fold snap close case that’s virtually weightless and takes no room up in my purse. Though the packaging is not very attractive but are very very travel friendly. I'm not fond of a luxury packaging that becomes just a showpiece and feels a burden when it comes to carrying them out. I really love that the handles all have the Sleek logo, would have been all the more better if they had the name mentioned too. The brushes have beautiful glossy black sturdy handles and soft bristles.

Foundation Brush

I'll love to use this foundation brush while traveling. Maybe It's not as useful when you are at home but will be an essential part of your makeup tool when you have limited makeup tools. It's a bit small but very efficient to spread out the foundation on your face. Make sure to blend it well all over your face especially under the jawline.

Powder Brush

Basically the powder brushes you have are with large heads but the head of Sleek Makeup powder brush is a little smaller than most of the powder brushes, I would love to use it as a blush brush at home but on holidays it'll work well as a powder brush too! The bristles are so soft and quite flexible.

Blush Brush

It's nice, though the head is smaller than a perfect blush brush but it can prove to be an ideal blush brush on holidays and traveling. I can apply my blush very well with this brush at home too but for blending it can take some time. Love the soft and smooth bristles. 

Eyeshadow Brush

It's a perfect eyeshadow brush, I can apply the shadows well and blend them beautifully. It's so soft and perfect for blending the shadows. I love using this brush at home and anywhere I go.

Eye Contour Brush

Another great brush to contour the eyes or blend a darker shade across the crease of the eye. Works beautifully on your eyes. 

Eyeliner/Brow Brush

It's a duo brush for filling your brows using the angle d brush and defining the eyes with the other side of brush for applying eyeliner. I love to use the angled brush for defining my brows but for applying eyeliner, I need some practice for getting a nice finish. I think it'll be great to apply a gel eyeliner.

Lip Brush

A superb designed brush for applying lip color on your lips. I was in search a good lip brush but never found as perfect as this this one. I can apply my lipstick very easily with this brush. If you don't use a lip brush for applying your lip color, you can use it as a concealer brush. It's soft with a perfect hardness for applying the lipstick flawlessly.

Good points

The packaging is completely travel friendly.
All brushes are very useful for applying makeup.
The brushes are with beautiful black glossy finish sturdy handles and soft bristles.
They held up well through three washings without shedding and still maintains their shape when dry.
You get a very high quality brush set in a very reasonable price.

Bad points 

Though the packaging is travel friendly but some may consider it not very luxury and attractive.
Some brushes heads are smaller than the brushes we use for applying makeup  at home especially the foundation and blush brush.
The name of the brush is not mentioned on the handle or else it would have been the perfect set for beginners too.


I can say that I'm highly impressed with this brush set.The size of the brush itself is good and, considering they are synthetic, the brush bristles are very soft and of high quality. I think these brushes would be perfect to use if I was going on holiday or only needed the essentials. From my first use I found that they applied my make up on beautifully and evenly. However, as expected I had a few streaks in my foundation from the foundation brush. I’m especially pleased with the eyeshadow brush,double-ended eyebrow/eyeliner brush and the  lip brush! For such a great price they do deliver really good results!They held up well through three washings without shedding and still maintain their shape when dry. 




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