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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Faces Vented hair brush- review, photos

A good hair brush can make your hair happy. Combing hair is like a gentle massage for our hair and a hair brush is a tool for massaging. Face Canada recently launched different types hair brushes for advance hair massaging therapy and I was really excited to try one of them. Today a quick review of Faces Hair Brush.

Faces Vented Hair Brush

It's an ideal brush for combing your hair gently with any breakage. 


INR 169

What Faces says...

In the mirror of my own experience

Combing my hair gently always  gives a strange pleasure to me.I has always  been searching some more comfortable combs that can make the meeting (between me and my hair) more relaxing and pleasing. I always comb my hair after breakfast for 10 to 15 minutes and it always feels pleasing. When I first used Faces brush I realized at the very first time that it'll be perfect for my hair.
I like the fact that it runs through my hair easily, doesn’t tangle the hair, and there’s enough flexibility in the bristles that I can maneuver it easily through my hair.It’s lightweight, and the grip is comfortable to hold My hair doesn’t tangle much, I really love to comb it with this hair brush.It's good to untangle the hair & I usually use it when i'm in a hurry.



It's a brush worth buying  at your first chance. It's not big in size, very perfect for your hand. The handle is aptly built to give a decent control, and the bristles are well defined to brush through your hair smoothly from every direction.It never tangles my hair, apart from it, cleaning this brush is very easy so you can kept it always neat and clean. I clean my brush with a mild shampoo using a soft tooth brush and then dry it with a soft towel.


It's an ideal hair brush and I'll recommend it to all my readers and friends.

You can purchase it from all Faces counters and online too.

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